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5 ways to protect your sleep cycle during self isolation

March 19, 2020

Spending long periods at home can play havoc with your sleeping patterns. Whether working from home or self isolating, here’s how you can keep your sleep routine in check.

beige bed with white dusk bedding - bedroom -

Image: Kensington White/Grey bedding, Dusk

You may be working from home, you may be self isolating – either way, it may feel like an excuse for longer lie-ins, frequent naps and late nights.

However, if you’d rather not disrupt your sleep routine during this time, DUSK has teamed up with Dr Frankie Jackson-Spence to offer some top tips for maintaining your sleep health.

Stick to your routine

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Your new work commute may be from your bed to a desk, but there’s no reason not to maintain your old schedule. “You might feel tempted to hit snooze and stay in bed until the moment you need to log on, but sticking to your usual routine will help you feel fresh and stay productive,” explains Dr Frankie.

Get the temperature right

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Your body needs to drop 1 to 2°C to initiate sleep, so consider opening a window an hour before bedtime if you’ve had the heating cranked up all day. Dr Frankie also explains your choice of bedding can help: “100% cotton bedding has temperature regulating properties that can help improve the quality of your sleep.”

Don’t work from bed

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Image:  Daria Shevtsova from Pexel

You want your brain to associate your bed with sleep, so avoid working in bed, as comfortable as it may be.

Nap, but only for short times

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“A quick nap can increase focus, alertness, and creativity, but it’s easy to nap for a little longer than intended. Stick to a maximum of 30 minutes to avoid feeling groggy and sluggish,” says Dr Frankie.

Create a sleep sanctum

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Creating a zen, calm bedroom is key to getting a good night’s sleep – from colour and scent all the way down to fresh bedding. “Bedding should be washed weekly to keep your sleeping environment hygienic, while ironing your sheets will kill off any remaining bacteria and help your bedding to feel like new.”


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