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7 bedroom buys to help you sleep better

February 19, 2020

Whether you’re struggling to drop off or are having a less than peaceful rest when you do, why not try some of these clever solutions to aid a better night’s sleep?

cosy bedroom with white linen bedding -

Image: Soak&Sleep 

If you’re lucky, you’ll spend a third of your life asleep – but unfortunately that’s not quite how it plays out for everyone. From the occasional insomnia to regularly disturbed sleep, it can be a really frustrating situation to find yourself in.

There’s a few things you can do to tackle the problem head on without seeking professional help. Try to create a bedroom that’s designed to promote good quality sleep, for example, or test out some of the latest innovations for the home that may help you to fall and stay asleep until the morning alarm clock.

Weighted blanket, from £60, John Lewis & Partners  

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Image: John Lewis & Partners  

If you struggle with restlessness when it comes to settling down for the night, one relatively new product you could try is the weighted blanket. Filled with weighted glass beads, these blankets provide a deep but even pressure over the body, that many people find to be a great help. Read more about this weighted blanket available on the high street at John Lewis & Partners.

Sleep aid, £49.90, Dodow 

Dodow sleep aid on bedside table -

Image: Dodow 

The makers behind this simple little gadget say that the Dodow can help you fall asleep in as little as 8 minutes. Its based around meditation and breathing exercises, using a soothing blue light which projects onto the ceiling to help you focus on the session. Once you’ve fallen asleep, the device turns itself off.

If you’re considering giving it a try, it has a 100-day money back offer if you find that it doesn’t work for you.

Smart Nora anti-snoring device, £349, Selfridges 

smartnora anti-snoring device -

Image: Selfridges

This device is designed to be inserted into a pillow and detect the tightened throat muscles that can cause snoring, before stimulting them to help encourage normal breathing to resume.

ThisWorks Love Sleep pillow spray, £30, M&S

thisworks love sleep pillow spray -

Image: M&S 

Create calm and intimacy in your bedroom by appealing to your sense of smell. This aromatherapy pillow spray from ThisWorks is specifically designed to help encourage restful sleep.

Lumie Bodyclock wake up alarm, £99, Amazon

wake up alarm clock -

Image: Lumie 

As well as waking you gently, the Lumie Bodyclock also has a slowly dimming function to help re-set your circadian rhythm and foster a deep, peaceful sleep. For bedroom clocks with similar functions to suit all budgets, check out our guide to the best wake-up light alarm clocks.

Memory foam knee pillow, £12, Soak&Sleep 

memory foam knee pillow -

Image: Soak&Sleep 

Good quality pillows are a must for comfortable sleeping, but this doesn’t just have to be for your head. A knee pillow can help improve circulation, and are particularly good if you have  back, neck and hip and knee pain, or are pregnant.

Sleep candle, £20, The White Company 

sleep candle -

Image: The White Company 

Lavender and chamomile are classic relaxing scents, so why not invest in this candle from The White Company developed as a restful, sleep-inducing scent? Burn it for half an hour before bedtime, but be sure to blow it out before you settle down for the night!


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