6 of the best mattresses for side sleepers

July 26, 2022

Finding the best mattress for side sleepers can be tricky. Pressure points are different if you tend to curl up into the foetal position at bed time, so try to avoid firm mattresses as you may find the pressure is too great on your shoulders and hips. Instead, look for a medium or soft mattress to offer more give where the bony bits of your body make contact with the surface.

Of course, this can lead to squabbles if you and your partner sleep differently – if you are a side sleeper and they are a back or front sleeper, for example. In this case, you may need to hunt down a good split-mattress, where different spring tensions or firmness levels are zipped into one encasement. These will be expensive, but if poor sleep is having an impact on your relationship, it will be worth it!

There are so many types of mattresses on the market – hard, soft, pocket sprung, memory foam – it can be difficult to find just the right level of support. It’s important, if you can, to try before you buy, but the best place to start is with research. Here, the Good Homes team has been laying down on the job to find six of the best mattresses for side-sleepers…

1. Brook & Wilde Elite Mattress

Brook & Wilde’s collection of hybrid mattresses include Lux, Elite, Ultima and Perla, increasing in price as the number of layers increases from five to 14. The Elite has eight layers, and the medium-feel is a great mattress for side sleepers (the whole range is available in soft, medium or firm). Our Good Homes reviewer swapped out her old, firm memory foam mattress for this one and found it much more comfortable on the shoulder and hips. The eight layers include a washable top cover, thermo-regulating layer, wave technology to aid spinal alignment and relieve pressure points, and 3,000 pocket springs. £1,249 for a double.

Mattress for side sleepers: Brook and Wilde Elite Mattress

Photo: Brook & Wilde

2. Simba Hybrid Mattress

Simba’s mattresses, a hybrid of conical springs and memory foam, have been well received over the last few years for offering the best of both worlds. Hard mattresses are no use for side sleepers, with too much resistance on your pressure points, but this is soft and sinkable. The Simba Hybrid Mattress is also heat regulating, has a removable, washable hypoallergenic surface and – perhaps the clincher – a 200-night free trial and 10-year guarantee. Prices range start from £679 for a single hybrid mattress.

Woman relaxing on Simba mattress - one of the best for side sleepers

Photo: Simba

3. Rest Assured Richborough Latex Top Mattress

Medium to firm is usually too hard a mattress for side sleepers, but this one has a softer feel than billed, and does a great job of moulding itself to the contours of your body. The secret here is the Rest Assured Richborough’s blended latex filling which makes movement during the night easy, and will help protect you from the bumps and jolts if your significant other is a fidgety sleeper. From £739.

The corner of the rest assured richborough mattress

Photo: Rest Assured

4. Emma Original Double Mattress

Another mattress with a generous 100-night trial period (and 10 year warranty), the Emma mattress is UK made and boldly claims that it’s perfect for back, front and side sleepers. The new ‘Airgocell’ foam helps distribute the body’s pressure across the mattress and, since, it’s on the softer side of the scale, it is a good pressure-relieving mattress for side sleepers. From £454.30.

The Emma mattress, great for side sleepers, in a bedroom covered with a duvet and pillows

Photo: Emma

5. TEMPUR Sensation Mattress

A top of the range selection, the TEMPUR Sensation Mattress promises a deep sleep on NASA-designed foam. This is a luxurious, deep mattress for side sleepers to sink into. There are a few different comfort options and, while it’s more expensive to order direct, they do throw in some worthwhile freebies to complete your sleep experience. From £1,249 for a double.

The corner of the tempur sensation mattress


6. Silentnight 2000 Pocket Box Top Mattress

While sleepers with specialist demands might feel they have to spend a lot of money to rest well at night, that’s not always true. Silentnight’s 2000 Pocket Box Top Mattress offers comfort from a trusted brand at a reasonable price. The Mirapocket zoned spring system offers tailored pressure relief, while 15cm of super soft foam provides comfort for those who like to sleep on their sides. From £602 for a double.

The corner of the silentnight memory foam mattress

Photo: Silentnight