Written by Hugh Metcalf

5 easy ways to create a cosy bedroom

Cosy bedroom ideas to keep wintry temperatures at bay without cranking up the heating…

As the temperature drops and the evenings grow darker, it’s time to break out those extra layers. And we’re not just talking about popping a jumper on, we mean adding warmth and texture to your interior decor scheme. These easy-to-implement cosy bedroom ideas will keep you help to keep you toasty during a cold snap, which is especially important when energy bills are sky high!

Brique linen marais throw on bed by loom and last - cosy bedroom - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Brique Linen Marais throw, Loom & Last

1. Introduce layers and throws

Changing your duvet covers isn’t a necessity for autumn, as many common fabrics such as linen have great thermal properties that’ll both keep your warm and stop you getting too hot at night. Adding extra layers of sheets, blankets and throws, however, gives you better control over your temperature. If the thermometer really takes a dive, you can throw over an extra layer and really up the cosy factor. If you really feel the cold, check out our guide to electric blankets.

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Image: H&M 

2. Up your duvet tog

A duvet’s tog rating refers to the volume of filling in it, and anything between a 10.5 to a 13.5 tog is perfect for a warm sleep in winter. Just remember,  different fibre fillings will offer different thermal properties, so one 13.5 tog duvet may not be as warm as another. For help on getting the right tog for you, check out our winter duvet buying guide.

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Image: Penelope bedrooms

3. Cold-proof windows

If your home has draughty windows, you could be in for some rude (and chilly) awakenings with the onset of the winter months. If new double, or even triple, glazing isn’t in the budget right now, consider a thermal blinds for the bedroom that can be pulled down at night. The likes of this thermal blind, from Bloc Blinds, has been shown to reduce draughts in an average three bedroom house by as much as 43%!

Bloc blinds thermal blind in bedroom - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Thermal blind from Bloc Blinds

4. Add to your lighting scheme

Our biggest gripe with this time of year? Getting used to those dark mornings and needing to turn on a light in the morning. Daylight alarm clocks can help you to rouse naturally and adjust to light, as well as helping combat the winter blues. Yet, even just adding extra layers to your lighting scheme can help keep the room cosy. Extra table lamps and wall lamps are easy additions that are useful for both day and night.

dunelm modern bedroom with table lamp on and drawers - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Dunelm 

5. Cocoon in colour

To fight that freezing cold state of mind, introducing colour into the bedroom is a great way to cosy up a space, whether that’s a selection of on-trend rust-toned accessories or even a paint re-fresh. Something as simple as swapping a Brilliant White paint colour for a warmer toned neutral can be transformative to how a space feels. We’re particularly loving the Oatmeal colour trend this season.

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Image: Crown Paints