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How to bleed a radiator

Bleeding a radiator is one of the 10 most googled DIY questions in the UK. But, how do you do it properly?

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Window and door specialist Safestyle UK recently looked at Google search data, analysing over 1.2 million terms to reveal the most common household queries in the UK and their findings are very interesting. How to bleed a radiator ranked as the second most asked query on the list, despite being a relatively simple task. If you’re in need of some guidance, keep reading for their easy-to-follow guide.

Step 1

To work out if a radiator needs bleeding or not, first turn on your central heating and double check all radiators in your house – if any feel cooler than others, there’s a good chance they’ll need bleeding.

Step 2

Wait for the radiator to cool before attempting to bleed it, to avoid burning yourself. Once cool, you’ll need to locate the bleed valve, which is essentially a round hole with a square inside. This will be located at the top of the radiator, on one of the sides.

Step 3

Once you’ve located the valve, insert the bleed key (or a phillips head screwdriver, for more modern radiators) and rotate about 90 degrees anti-clockwise to loosen. Make sure you use a cloth here, and lay down towels to catch any fluids that start to leak out.

Step 4

As you turn the key you’ll start to hear a hissing sound, indicating air is leaving the radiator. Continue with the key turned anti-clockwise until a steady stream of water is released, indicating you’ve bled all of the air from the radiator.

Step 5

This process should take up to 2 minutes depending on the size of the radiator. Once you have a steady stream of water, begin to tighten the key again, taking care not to fasten too tightly. Use a towel to mop up any excess water, and move onto the next radiator.

What are the 10 most googled DIY questions?

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Image: Rustic Vegan 

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5. How to read a gas meter

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