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5 ways to upgrade your bedroom for spring

Give your bedroom a springtime lift with these Feng Shui top tips for making your bedroom a hub of tranquility…

Image: Michael Murphy Home Furnishings

While lockdown restrictions are lifting, overnight stays are still on hold for a few more months, so now is the perfect time to give your bedroom a mini upgrade to recreate the magic of a hotel stay. As we’ve spent more time at home and in many cases our bedrooms, than ever – these rooms definitely deserve a hotel-inspired makeover. Read on for Feng Shui tips from specialist Marites Allen, and Georgia Metcalfe bedroom expert at the French Bedroom Company to give yours a lift.

Calming colours

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An essential part of any bedroom makeover, the colour has to be right. As the first thing you notice when you wake up, walk into the room, and the last thing you see at night, it’s essential you’re happy. Georgia believes simplicity is key: “To create a calming, luxury feel, either choose neutral colours like fawn, taupe and creams, or go dark with navy blues and deep greens,”. Bedding, curtains, flooring and any artwork should all complement this colour scheme to ensure it flows throughout the room.

Marites adds “The bedroom is a place of rest and therefore two of the best colours to use are blue and green. Pychologically, when we look at those two colours, it creates electronic waves in our brains to feel more settled, and healed or calm.”

Coherent furniture

Image: Michael Murphy Home Furnishings

“Start with the bed first, something that draws the eye like a modern four-poster, a statement emperor bed, or silk upholstered bed head. Then choose minimal, practical furniture that works in harmony and doesn’t clutter the room.” advises Georgia. She also recommends avoiding suite style bedroom sets and instead opting for a selection of different sets. If you’re aiming for that stylish hotel feel, choose something dynamic like a velvet bed head in grey, or something with plenty of detail.

To save pennies, you could try painting or reupholstering furniture you already own.

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Mood lighting

Image: The French Bedroom Company

A selection of different kinds of lighting will help you to achieve that hotel feel. Georgia advises: “Hotels put a lot of thought into the lighting in their rooms, so layer your bedroom lighting with low level table lights on the bedside tables. Adding a central ceiling chandelier, wall lights and large mirrors will add a cosy, inviting feel that works both day and night.”

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Bed dressing

Image: Lime Lace

Making or breaking a room, the choices of bedding are crucial in any bedroom upgrade. “Using a duvet that is a size bigger than your mattress – for example, a super king duvet on a king size bed – will create a hotel feel,” explains Georgia. We recommend choosing white bed sheets in a silk or high Egyptian cotton thread count to really cement the luxury vibe.

For mattresses, extra support from pocket springs and breathability from natural materials is crucial. Pair with down pillows and stack two pairs against the bed head, and then add scatter cushions in silk or velvet that compliment the bedroom colours.

Pull the duvet up to the pillows and fold it back on itself, creating an ‘apron effect’, then tuck the duvet under the mattress for that true ‘hotel’ style.

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Superior styling

The finishing touch that pulls everything together, these extra details are what really makes it magical. Georgia recommends: “Pay special attention to practicalities like positioning your bedside tables near power points. Less is more when it comes to decoration and trinkets, choose books instead of ornaments and large mirrors instead of multiple small ones. Don’t overcrowd the room and dress your windows with long drapes or plantation shutters to make them a feature.”

Marites adds “”To make any layout of your bedroom feel more luxurious you can put out some Himalayan salts, on the bedside table. These not only bring in the good energy but will also give the room a more sophisticated, luxurious feel.”

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