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Banish the bland: 5 white bathroom ideas

July 23, 2022

An all-white bathroom suite might feel a little failsafe – ergo, dull – but your haven can be both pale and interesting. Whether it’s introducing textured tiles, contrasting accessories or softening the look with natural materials, Good Homes picks out five brilliant white bathroom ideas…

1. Textured white tiles

Creating a cohesive and inspiring space doesn’t just come down to colour palette. A neutral design can be just as successful as a colourful one. It’s all about bringing in different elements and design features that can elevate your bathroom. For example, if you know you’re going to opt for white tiles, choose ones that are either textured or patterned, which have a subtle twist on more popular designs.

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2. Flooring designs

Pale spaces can often be perceived as being quite cold and uninviting however there are many ways you can warm up an all-white room. When mulling over white bathroom ideas, consider choosing a wooden floor to stick to a neutral theme but to bring some natural colouring into it. For a real coastal feel, consider white-washing the floor.

white bathroom ideas - wooden flooring with freestanding white tub with silver claw feet

Photo: English Blinds

3. Make it monochrome

Contrasting colours don’t have to be stark and overwhelming, you can add in a few black accessories for a contemporary monochrome feel. Be inspired by this modern bathroom scheme by The London Tile Co and choose black furniture and storage solutions that can be easily interchanged.

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black storage ladder in a white bathroom with pale wooden flooring and grey panelled wall

Photo: The London Tile Co

4. Mixed materials

Introduce mixed materials into your white bathroom ideas board to create a luxurious feel. Natural white or marble stone add oodles of style to a bathroom, and white wooden shutters combined with a pale wooden, vinyl or tiled floor and mosaic splashback will keep things fresh and contemporary. You can do this with bathroom accessories if you’re not up for a complete renovation.

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white freestanding bath with white shutters and grey/silver mosaic tiles

Photo: Carpetright

5. Bathroom biophilia

Biophilia – which essentially means a love of nature – is a huge interiors trend, so why not bring it into the bathroom and enhance a white bathroom scheme with loads of houseplants? Whether you’re green fingered and would prefer to get real plants – Devil’s Ivy loves the humidity of a bathroom and can deal with a lack of natural light – or prefer hassle-free faux plants, plentiful lush greenery softens the starkness of an all-white suite.

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dobbies bathroom plants

Photo: Dobbies Garden Centre