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5 of the world’s most Instagrammable hotel bathrooms

January 3, 2022

Research has found that these luxury hotel bathrooms are the most likely to make a splash on your Instagram feed…

The bathroom isn’t always the most inspiring space in the home, but if you want yours to be Instagram-worthy, some of the social media platform’s most popular spaces might be a good place to start to look.

The luxury hotel bathrooms have all gone viral on Instagram – and though the majority of these hotels come with an eye-watering cost for an overnight stay, they serve as great inspo for your next trip to IKEA…

instagrammable hotel bathrooms: the silo hotel in South Africa

Photo: The Silo Hotel

1. Conrad Maldives

One thing you’ll undoubtedly notice in this list is that the view from the bathroom is almost always as important as the bathroom itself. While you may not be able to recreate the beautiful setting of the Conrad Maldives, always try to optimise the amount of natural light your bathroom can get.

2. The Silo Hotel

The distinctive geometric windows are featured throughout the Silo Hotel in South Africa, proving that a bathroom doesn’t have to be a blank white space. These bathroom suites also use pattern and colour in a fun way that adds to the overall ‘wow’ factor.


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3. Hotel Punta Tragara

Travel influencer and blogger, @imbeingerica, explains the phenomenon that makes the likes of this hotel bathroom so Instagram-worthy: ‘Bathrooms are typically the least inspiring place on Earth, so when one looks like somewhere you’d want to eat your brunch and invite your pals over to see, you know it’s going to get the likes!’

4. The Udaya Spa & Resort

With its famous flower petal baths, it’s not hard to see why this Indonesian spa retreat gets some many double-taps on Instagram. Let this serve as a reminder to bring some botanical elements into your bathroom – they’re sure to help you relax. Find out which types of plants thrive in the bathroom.

5. The Piggery, Devon

One of only two UK entries in the top 10 most Instagrammable bathrooms, the Piggery in Devon has dual bath tubs located in the gorgeous Devonshire countryside. When it doubt double up, and while not many of us will have room for two bath tubs, his and her vanity sinks make for a more visually appealing, and more functional, space.


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Based on research by Mira Showers