Written by Jennifer Turner

Add a dash of style to your bathroom with wall tiles

Discover how the right tiles can pull together your desired bathroom look.

shower and sink with black and grey tiles

Image: Crown Tiles

Planning a new bathroom or just a refresh? Bathroom tiles are one of the best ways to give your space a fresh look that combines style, safety and durability…

Function and form

Before we get to the aesthetics of tiles and how they can create a fantastic look, it’s important to consider what else tiles can bring to your bathroom. Key among these is water-resistance. The bathroom is the most humid and wet room in your house (if it’s your dining room, you’re doing something wrong!) and therefore some materials don’t work well in that environment.

Ceramic bathroom tiles use a glaze that makes them impervious to water, as well as being stain resistant. Cheaper alternatives such as linoleum can warp and rot with excess water, so ceramic tiles also enhance your bathroom’s durability.

modern tiled bathroom with towel hanging in foreground

Image: Crown Tiles

Long-lasting looks

Bathroom tiles are hard-wearing, meaning that your investment in your bathroom is one that will have long-term dividends. Cracking is unlikely in day-to-day use, and should it happen – if you drop something heavy, for example – then it’s simple to replace a single tile rather than having to replace a whole piece of flooring.

They’re easy to clean too – just wipe to keep the gleam on them and you’ll have a bathroom that’s hygienic for you and your family and the envy of your friends who visit.

modern bathroom with matching wall and floor tiles

Image: Crown Tiles

Style by the tile

None of that matters, of course, if the tiles don’t look stunning. Happily, there’s a great and diverse range of styles, sizes and finishes to choose from.

The Mediterraneo Gris ceramic wall tile, for example, delivers a modern, clean and sleek look with subtly different patterns and shades of grey. With nine tiles in total, you can mix-and-match to create your ideal look, whether it’s just to tile the shower area or to blend it with the rest of your bathroom.

detail of bathroom wall tiles

Image: Crown Tiles

The range at Crown Tiles will allow you to dream your ideal bathroom, with the ability to conjure up a matching wall and floor tile approach, or to go for stark contrasts. You can tile different zones different colours or go for a harmonious approach – the only limit with modern bathroom tiles is your imagination.

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