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Topps Tiles launches easy-fit authentic Victorian flooring

Victorian-style flooring is a massive trend right now and the new range from Topps Tiles makes it easier than ever to lay. Take a look at the collection, here.

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Image: Topps Tiles

Victorian-style floors are definitely swoon-worthy and we were excited to see that Topps Tiles has collaborated with Sarah Beeny to launch a Victorian flooring collection, giving homeowners the chance to revolutionise the look of their spaces with a range of stylish, period looks.

Sarah says ‘thankfully Topps Tiles has introduced a brand new range of Victorian flooring that’s both timeless and modern too. Plus, there’s the added benefit that they have a gorgeous authentic design but are cheaper and easier to fit than the real thing.’

‘The most common issue with replacing a Victorian floor is finding a trader that will fit Victorian tiles. They are often fiddly to fit but that’s all changed with these new designs. They are fixed to a mesh backing, so the pieces are quicker to lay and provide even grout joints.’

The new tiles are, Beckford Black & White, Darlington Blue and Osterley Terracotta that are all inspired by authentic Victorian designs. Bring a sense of grandeur and heritage to your property with one of these amazing tiles, that reflects your personal style.

Beckford Black & White, £172.09 per sq. m

gflooring sarah beeny copy - take a look at Topps Tiles new Victorian flooring range - news - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Topps Tiles

The Beckford Black & White tiles are a monochrome design synonymous with the Victorian era. We would love to see these in a hallway to make a bold statement as soon as people walk into your home!

Darlington Blue, £199.03 per sq. m

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Image: Topps Tiles

The Darlington Blue has an intricate triangular design, which would be very difficult to lay if it didn’t have the mesh backing. We think this looks perfect in a bathroom because of its blue hue. But, would also look great on an outdoor pathway.

Osterley Terracotta, £198.53 per sq. m

tiles topps - take a look at Topps Tiles new Victorian flooring range - news - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Topps Tiles

The combination of squares and triangles of the Osterley Terracotta tiles creates a look that is packed full of detail but is contrasted by a muted colour palette. This makes for a welcoming walkway and will instantly add buckets of style to your home.


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