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How to nominate a frontline NHS hero for an interior design makeover

Here’s your chance to nominate a frontline NHS worker for a room makeover by an interior designer, courtesy of Design Havens for Heroes.

green velvet snuggle chair - win a room makeover for a frontline NHS worker - news - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Snug Sofa as styled by Leoma Harper @styletheclutter, one of the interior stylists at Design Havens for Heroes

Interior designer Francesca Rowan-Plowden is the pioneer behind the amazing project Design Havens for Heroes, which is centred around giving back to our NHS by offering the heroes on the frontline of the coronavirus outbreak a bespoke room makeover by a talented interior designer.

We caught up with Francesca to find out what inspired her and how you can nominate an NHS worker.

francesca portrait havens for heroes - win a room makeover for a frontline NHS worker - news - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Francesca Rowan-Plowden

How did you come up with the idea for Design Havens for Heroes and what inspired you to do so?

“I had been feeling somewhat frustrated about being an interior designer during this time of crisis and pandemic. I wanted to offer something to help the cause and the NHS, but felt I had nothing to give, other than to stay at home. I realised that our home was our haven, and it was keeping my family safe and cocooned while so many were risking their lives.

I told the children that it was our castle, protecting us, keeping us safe. I saw a nurse on the news saying how lucky we were to have our homes and how she wished she’s could just stay home with her children. Later that night, I had the idea, I could help, and that I could help create havens for NHS workers for when this awful time is over.”

Could you summarise Design Havens for Heroes for us?

“Design Havens for Heroes is a collective from all areas of interior design; designers, brands, suppliers, makers, and trades, who will pull together their talents and resources, donations of products and time, to create havens for frontline NHS workers which they can retreat too post the coronavirus crisis passes and lockdown eases.”


What brands have you got on board so far?

“The list is growing everyday but at the movement the roll call stands at over 30 different brands including Little Greene Paint Company, Sofa.com, Tom Dixon and Divine Savages.”

blue fabric classic sofa - win a room makeover for a frontline NHS worker - news - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Sofa.com is also sponsoring the project. 

How can people nominate an NHS worker for a room makeover?

“People can tag their nominee on the Design Havens for Heroes grid on Instagram or can email their nomination to [email protected].”

Do you know how many makeovers you will be doing?

“It is difficult to tell, as it will depend on how many designers we will have on board, but we will do as many as possible and I’ve had between 200‐300 designers apply so far.”

How can people volunteer or help with this movement?

“People can offer their services in interiors design, or as makers, or as supplier and brands can donate products, big or small. Or you can donate to the Designhavensforheroes PayPal fund which will support the smaller trades within the collective. People can also contact us through our Instagram account or email at [email protected].”


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