Written by Georgia Lockstone

Rockett St George launches sustainable furniture collection

In collaboration with Sussex designer maker Jani Lemut, Rockett St George have released a collection of five sustainable pieces of furniture. Committed to making furniture with a low carbon footprint, each piece is made with FSC standard wood and reclaimed materials.

On the importance of addressing the way our society uses materials, Jani Lamut says: “As much as possible, we should not have waste products. Instead reusing what we can to make a positive step towards closed-loop living. For me, learning how to use discarded materials and repurpose them is probably the greatest mission in life.”

Consisting of side tables, a headboard, a bedside table, and a sideboard cabinet, this limited edition collection celebrates eco-friendly design for everyday living:

The Sustainable King Size Headboard, £495

Combining a bold angular pattern with the warm, natural texture of wood, this gorgeous headboard is the perfect mix of contemporary and traditional. Made entirely from FSC standard wood, each piece has been carefully stained with a water-based dye. As a result, this enhances the richness of the wood to create a sultry and dark finish.

Bed with a dark wooden headboard - Goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Rockett St George

The Sustainable Bedside Table, £250

The perfect partner for the headboard, this bedside table boasts a sultry-toned geometric pattern on its wooden drawer front. Just like the side tables, its legs are made from wooden palettes. The main bulk of the piece comes from FSC standard OSB board – which combines wood chip waste with recycled paper and water-based glue.

Wooden bedside table - Goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Rockett St George

The Sustainable Sideboard Cabinet, £795

The ideal statement storage solution for living rooms, this sideboard is made from FSC Standard pale birch ply. This contrasts with a dark coffee ground marquetry that forms a striking asymmetric pattern across the sliding doors. Another wholly circular piece, this bold sideboard has been finished with a recycled paper covering and pine feet.

Dark wooden sideboard cabinet with light patterned doors - Goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Rockett St George

The Sustainable Side Tables, £250

Available in a round or square style, these statement side tables both boast tabletops made from FSC standard birch ply. The legs are made from reclaimed pallet wood that has been locally sourced. Best of all, both feature a distinctive marquetry design that is crafted from the carpentry team’s own recycled coffee grounds.

Round wooden side table - Goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Rockett St George

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