Rituals home collection opener

Rituals launch new luxurious scents to The Private Collection

October 4, 2019

The home fragrance collection is available from Rituals Cosmetics stores, selected department stores and online this month.

Rituals home collection opener

Image: Rituals

Home is not just where we sleep and eat, it’s where we make memories, share moments with loved ones and rejuvenate ourselves. Helping you to create a sanctuary away from the chaos of modern day life, Rituals are offering you new luxury products that will give your living space the ability to rebalance your physical and mental health at home.

Building on their existing range of rich, fresh and floral scents, Rituals have expanded The Private collection to include three new floral based aromas:

  • Sweet jasmine: ‘Containing zesty notes of citrus and berry, mood-boosting peony, and warm sandalwood. This uplifting aroma is sure to encourage happiness and tranquility wtihin your home.’
  • Orris Mimosa: ‘Delicate violet and sweet orris blossom are lifted with leathery accents and powerful woody facets to form a hypnotic aroma that will infuse every room.’
  • Imperial Rose: ‘Step into a blossoming rose garden which combines soothing floral notes with fresh watery elements and natural green tea, to create a restorative and calming composition.’


The products


Fragrance Sticks, £19.50-£44.50

Rituals Fragrance Sticks in Champagne

Image: Rituals

Now available in two sizes, a 450ml ‘standard’ size and a new ‘mini’ 100ml, Rituals opulent fragrance sticks will stylishly scent each of your rooms for up to 6 weeks.

The diffusers are available in the following scents: Sweet Jasmine, Imperial Rose, Oriental Vetiver, Orris Mimosa, Savage Garden, Green Cardamom, Wild Fig, Black Oudh and Precious Amber


Scented candles, £29.90

Rituals Imperial Rose Candle

Image: Rituals

Lighten up your living space with a Private Collection candle and experience one of the nine fragrances for up to 60 hours burning time.

The candles are available in the the same scents as the fragrance sticks so you can coordinate your room candle and reeds, or mix and match based on different areas of the home.

XL scented candles, £49.50

New XL Ritual's Scented Candle - Orris Mimosa

Image: Rituals

These new luxury three-wick candles can be found in three key scents. With 70 hours of burning time, they will enhance every interior, either in your own home, or as a gift to a loved one.

Choose from: Imperial Rose, Savage Garden or Wild Fig.

To make the most of your candle purchases, make sure you read up on 5 ways to make your candles last longer.


Parfum D’interieur, £29.50

Rituals 2019 October Home Collection Heroes Rich Collection

Image: Rituals

Encased in the brand’s signature glass bottles, these beautiful room sprays allow you to create an invigorating ambience at any moment of the day!

Pictured third from left these bottles, complete with spray nozzle are available in: Sweet Jasmine, Imperial Rose, Oriental Vetiver, Orris Mimosa, Savage Garden, Green Cardamom, Wild Fig,  Black Oudh and Precious Amber


Hand wash, £10.50 and hand balm, £10.50

Rituals 2019 October Home Collection Heroes Floral Collection

Image: Rituals

Create a soothing experience in your bathroom with these luxury washes and balms, generating a nourishing moment for both your skin and soul.

Shown first from left, choose from: Sweet Jasmine, Savage Garden and Precious Amber.


Perfume genie cartridges, £37.50 

 Rituals October Home Collection Cartridge

Image: Rituals

These new cartridges offer even more options to create a premium scent experience. Use with the Rituals Perfume Genie to create a middle-eastern hammam in your home at a time that suits you.


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