Written by Paisley Tedder

Mrs Hinch buys dream farmhouse in Essex

Cleaning influencer extraordinaire Mrs Hinch has bought her dream five-bedroom farmhouse, named Hinch Farm, in Essex.

In early January, Life in Lists author Sophie Hinchcliffe, aka Mrs Hinch, announced on Instagram she had brought Hinch Farm, a dream of hers for many years. The Instagram influencer is in the process of moving into the property with husband Jamie, young sons Ronnie and Lennie and adorable dog Henry.


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Naturally, Sophie has plenty of plans for renovating the five-bedroom home, which has four bathrooms and a huge garden. So far, she’s been focusing her energies on preparing for three furry friends to join the family, which Good Homes suspects could be her longtime animal favourite – alpacas!

Despite not yet starting work on the interiors renovation, she has taken her 4.2 million followers on a tour of the property and revealed her plans. The plans include a farmland-themed bedroom for her eldest son Ronnie.

When it comes to the master bedroom, she has already shown off the two smaller side rooms that come off the space, revealing they will be his/her dressing tables. While Sophie is taking a more conventional approach to hers, planning to use it as a dressing room, make-up space and somewhere to hide her secret cleaning stash; husband Jamie is creating a special space dedicated to his beloved Arsenal.

Alongside the dressing room ideas, the couple are also planning to replace the windows with double doors and install a balcony in order to enjoy the “incredible view” from their new luxurious bedroom.


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The grandness of her new home isn’t lost on Sophie, with her expressing how the staircase that splits off in two directions ‘reminds her of a Disney film’. Ever reminiscent of the cleaning guru attitude that made her famous, she also expressed her nerves at reaching the higher windows in the property to keep them clean and shiny.

Mrs Hinch farmhouse with husband Jamie, two sons

Photo: @MrsHinchHome, Instagram

As progress at Hinch Farm continues, Good Homes will be keeping you updated with interiors updates, tours and how you can achieve the farmhouse look in your home.