Written by Hugh Metcalf

Quick and simple ways to make a new house a home

With more than a quarter of us not feeling comfortable in a property for months, if not years, after moving in, we look at some simple, affordable ways for nesting in a new home.

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New research from Sainsbury’s Bank has found that only a third of new property owners feel comfortable in their homes as soon as they move in. That leaves an overwhelming majority who struggle to feel that their new house is a home, with just over a quarter saying that it has taken them from 6 months to a whole 2 years to truly feel comfortable.

Buying a new home can be an expensive time, but the research also shows that a third of new owners are spending over £5,000 in the first year in order to change their houses to meet their own preferences. If you don’t have this budget to spare right now, we’ve got some simple, budget-friendly tips to help make your house feel like home.

Start with a plan

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If there’s something you really dislike about your new home, but you don’t have the funds to change it right now, start by deciding what you’d like to do in the future. Not only does this help you take control of the situation, it’ll also help you to budget for any home improvements you may want to do.

Create a moodboard, or use an online version such as Pinterest. This will allow you to develop your plans over time, truly honing your style and potentially finding some cost-cutting solutions for your property.

If you’re unsure of how to start planning a new scheme, why not consider taking a short interior design class that you can do from home?

Go for the quick wins

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There are certain elements that come with a new home that can be quickly addressed to make a house feel instantly more liveable. Placing rugs over problematic flooring is an easy update, while it should also be an early priority to cover up those bare ceiling bulbs left behind from the last owners to create a welcoming atmosphere through your lighting scheme. If you don’t have the scope to completely change light fittings right now, look for easy-fit shades for a quick solution.

Add some greenery

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Houseplants are the perfect way to give an instant boost to your space. They can help promote calm and even stimulate productivity – somehthng that might be much needed to help you tackle all the DIY that needs to be done.

Say hello to the neighbours

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Feeling at home is more than just about what’s on the inside of your home. You’re also in a new neighbourhood too. Take some time to introduce yourself to the neighbours, whether you pop round with a hello gift or simply catch them in the front garden to find out all those need-to-know happenings in your new location.

Unbox personal items

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Unpacking is a pain, but don’t leave those personal items that make a house a home in boxes for too long. Putting up pictures frames and wall art is an easy way to start envisaging your life in your new home.


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