Written by Becca Green

Revealed: 2019’s biggest home shopping trends

Re-usable straws, linen bedding and smart doorbells were the best-sellers in 2019, but what else John Lewis & Partners’ annual report reveal?

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John Lewis & Partners has released its annual report which looks back on the past 12 months to see what has been trending in the world of shopping. They say that 2019 was the year consumers decided to declutter and invest in storage, doing away with crammed cupboards and overcrowdedshelves as the Marie Kondo craze swept the nation. But, what else did they discover?

What was left behind…

  • Inevitably, landline sales went down by 20%
  • Mantel clocks sales were down by 30% due to other digital options
  • With the love of straight tipples such as gin dominating the market, cocktail shakers were down 20%

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Image: Miryam Leon 

What was loved…

  • People decided to invest in their bedding, with the sales of linen bedsets going up by 187%
  • The new interior hero has to be the house plant. The report said that botanical plant sales went up by 43%
  • The war on plastic is evident with the sales of re-useable straws going up 1573% – amazing!

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Image: Wearth London

Staying in is the new going out…

John Lewis & Partners discovered that customers are reinventing their living room to create fun and interactive experencies at home, especially around seasonal events.

  • 40% increase in halloween light up trees and wreaths
  • 32% increase in hanging decorations for Easter trees
  • 136% increase in drinks trolleys
  • 33% increase in spirit measures

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Image: Interflora

No more plastic

This year has seen the war on plastic, with Glastonbury deciding to ban single-use plastic bottles and the government’s ban on plastic straws, cotton buds and drink stirrers in England. John Lewis & Partners discovered that consumers are definitely becoming mindful of their plastic purchases, looking for sustainable rather than throwaway pieces.

  • 1573% increase in re-usable straws
  • 176% increase in portable cutlery

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