Interior Design Masters winner to redesign suite overlooking the Lake District

April 8, 2021

Along with Alan Carr, Interior Design Masters winner Lynsey Ford, will redesign a hotel suite as part of her prize commission

Lynsey Ford - winner of Interior Design Masters

Image: Credit: Another Place

For just over a fortnight, there has been an Interior-Design-Master’s-shaped hole in our hearts. Week-on-week, we’ve watched contestants revive luxury holiday villas, revamp restaurants and style swish hair salons. And quite frankly, we’ve got serious withdrawal symptoms.

Thankfully, we tracked down none other than Interior Design Masters star Lynsey Ford and found out about her prize project…

About Lynsey’s destination design project


Image: Nicodem-Creative

Embracing inspirational landscapes, centuries of history and contemporary architecture, interior design has always been central to the Another Place hotel story.

So they were delighted to offer the prize of a design contract to Lynsey Ford, winner of Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr (BBC 2). Lynsey’s redesign of the two bedroom suite, which has serene views across the lake, will allow guests to experience her celebrated sense of style while enjoying all the tranquil charm of the lake backdrop.

Speaking of her passion for nature and green spaces, Lynsey said: “I love bringing the outdoors to interior spaces, and that’s something that Another Place does really well. You really feel part of the location. For my designs, I’ve taken inspiration from the views; from the colours, the textures and materials that surround the hotel.”

Coincidentally, despite being from Yorkshire herself, her dad and grandparents spent a lot of time in the Lake District, so her latest work is a lovely sentiment that pays homage to her family’s roots.

How long does Lynsey have to complete her commission?


Image: Credit: Hospitality Media

Set to open this winter, Lynsey’s reimagined suite will combine bespoke bedroom furniture made by local craftsmen,  expansive views, plush fabrics and a colour palette flecked with mountain greens and burnt oranges. Sustainability also plays an integral part in the design. By using locally-sourced wood, incorporating vintage finds and investing in high-quality finishes, Lynsey plans to create a timeless and classic scheme that will eclipse trends.

“I hate waste and the thought of anything useable going to landfill,” she says. “I’d prefer to build things bespoke, rather than buying new items that have travelled halfway around the world.”

How will she tackle the challenge?

Lynsey Ford - winner of IDM head shot

Image: Credit: Another Place

With over 15 years in architecture, Lynsey prides herself in taking a creative yet methodical and contemporary approach. Asides from assessing colour palettes and texture, she also lays out six key considerations which contribute to a successful build:

  • Always model it first in 3D, ‘walking’ through the space
  • Emotion: thinking about how people will feel when they do so later
  • Examine the proportions of the space
  • Assess how the light comes in
  • Evaluate how your body relates
  • Look at where your eye line is

What is it like working with the Another Place team?

In the four years since it opened its doors, Another Place has worked with an inspiring group of designers, including the art director at clothing brand Joules.

About the hotel’s passion for collaboration with inventive designers, Another Place CEO Will Ashworth said: “We want to give designers the freedom to create rooms with their own unique stamp. We are excited to bring Lynsey into our design collective.”

And it seems, the feeling is mutual! Reflecting on the experience of this latest design collaboration off camera, Lynsey is positive about the rapport she has built with the Another Place team:

“They’ve really trusted me – which means a lot. They’ve all put so much of themselves into this venture; it’s everything to them. So to be allowed to interpret their brand and their brief, and to deliver something that ultimately shapes how their guests experience their place, has been a real privilege.”

How did she deal with the pressure of Interior Design Masters?

interior designs masters 2021 contestants

Image: BBC

On her televised journey to interiors triumph, Lynsey fought off competition from nine fellow hopefuls – with each week’s designs judged by former editor of Elle Decoration, Michelle Ogundehin. Weekly guest judges included Linda Boronkay, Sophie Robinson and Matthew Williamson, while briefs ranged from show homes to beach huts.

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Discussing the pressure of the challenge Lynsey said: “Being part of Interior Design Masters was really intense – especially as I was pregnant through all the filming,”

“I coped with it by immersing myself in all the work I needed to get done. I love doing stuff with my hands. It’s like meditation for me.

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