interior designs masters 2021 contestants

Interior Design Masters: Meet 2021’s contestants

January 28, 2021

Interior Design Masters is back on the BBC. Meet the talented interiors-lovers competing on this year’s show and find them on Instagram to follow!

interior designs masters 2021 contestants

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The last series of Interior Design Masters was one of our favourite interior design TV shows of all time – so we’re super happy that it’s returning to the BBC next week.

This year, comedian Alan Carr is replacing Fearne Cotton as presenter, while 10 new contestants will be battling it out for the title in the competition.

What can expect from Alan as this year’s presenter? ‘I was told by the producers that not only was I the presenter, I was also meant to represent the people at home watching and that I should be brutally honest and say what the viewer was thinking,’ he explains. ‘So, if the hallway is painted baby poo brown I’m going to say it, or the dado rail is wonky I will bring it up. Basically, I’ve been employed because I have no filter.’

We’ve tracked down the stars of this year’s series on Instagram – ready to meet them?

Paul (@moneypennyinteriors)

Paul, a retail manager from Belfast, has a polished, luxe outlook on interior style. ‘I absorb a lot of inspiration from all walks of life, from high street brands to high end designers. I believe that decorating is a personal journey for anyone and it’s important that you love how a room makes you feel.’

Micaela (@micaelasharpdesign)

Micaela from London is not only bringing her skills as an upholsterer to the competition, but a love of sophisticated vintage style. ‘As a designer I value sustainable options like using vintage pieces, repurposing items and upcycling,’ she explains. ‘I try to avoid flatpack furniture if there is a vintage piece I could use instead, and London has some brilliant charity shops. I love finding a second-hand gem and it’s usually much more affordable.’

Amy (@amywilsoninteriors)

Mother of three Amy lives in Leeds and has a bold, joyful interior style. ‘I hope to offer my own unique style that is joyful and thoughtful. I do not want to be pigeonholed into any particular design style,’ explains Amy. ‘The most important element of my designs is how they make you feel when you are in the space.’

Charlotte (@charlottebeevor)

Textile designer Charlotte, from London, is bringing her signature sense of style and pattern to the competition. ‘I was at a stage with my textile career where I felt I wanted to be challenged more as a designer,’ says Charlotte. ‘It’s not always possible to have the extra money and time to put aside for passion projects and professional development, so I felt applying for the show would give me the focus to work intensely on a variety of projects in the interiors world, and I was excited by the prospect of what I might do with it!

Siobhan (@interiorcurve)


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Siobhan, who lives in West Yorkshire and is a NHS worker, has an undeniably joyous maximal style – something that also manifests itself through her wardrobe. ‘A lot of my design inspirations come from my love of fashion. I studied fashion and accessories back in the 1990s and I am a trained milliner,’ Siobhan says. ‘I guess I have always had a love for colours, fabrics, patterns, and textures.’

Lynsey (@lynseyforddesign)


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Lynsey, an architect from West Yorkshire, is bringing an inventive and original eye to Interior Design Masters. ‘ I try to combine natural materials, thought through functional design solutions with beautiful vintage furniture pieces reinvented and some new pieces, and there is always a bit of something metallic and shiny in there,’ she says.

Mona (@monmondesign)

Mona, a film set designer from London, has an eclectic and exciting interest in interiors. Her style? ‘A strong Scandinavian style with the right balance of Shabby chic, rustic elements, contemporary touch, industrial kiss, bohemian flowers, traditional love and Bauhaus obsession is my signature style.’

Jon (@jonathanscottinteriors)

Jon brings his bold, engaging and colourful interiors to life in his home in Worthing. ‘I’ve never wanted to be on TV, but Interior Design Masters got my blood pumping with excitement so much and I just had this feeling inside of me that I had to be part of this,’ he says. ‘I wanted to challenge myself, perhaps this was my mid-life crisis, after all I’ve got the tattoos and shaved head already!’

Barbara (@barbara_ramani_interiors)

Barbara from Brighton is a former visual merchandiser who has an eye for minimalism with a playful twist. ‘The challenge of working on such a small budget and short time scales’ was the biggest hurdle of the series for Barbara. ‘I had been working on interiors projects for a few years so understand the huge amounts of thought time and money that goes into every project,’ she says, ‘so stripping it back to designing spaces within 1 week on a tiny budget was daunting and felt almost impossible. I had to literally rewire my brain.’

Peter (@thespacemaker_interiors)

Peter, a former doctor from Cheshire, describes his style as contemporary classic. ‘I wanted to show the world how much love I have for interior design and creating beautiful, bold, curated and personal spaces for my clients,’ he says. ‘I also wanted to challenge myself to do more commercial spaces, which are new to me, and such an exciting sector within the industry.’

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