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How to sell your house in time for Christmas

Planning on spending this Christmas in a new property? Time is running out to get your home on the market, so here’s how to make a quick sale..

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If you want to sell your home before Christmas, here’s a date for your diary. According to HomeOwners Alliance, for a remote chance to have your property sale completed by 25th December, you need to have it on the market by October 21st!

Of course, that also depends on securing a buyer quickly and crossing your fingers for a process that’s nothing but smooth-sailing. While sometimes that can be out of your hands, there are some things you can do to help streamline a sale. Take a look at these expert tips, then get on the phone to your estate agent and, all being well, you could be hanging your festive wreath on a brand new front door this Christmas.

Improve your home’s kerb appeal 

To attract buyers and ensure your home sells for its full value, the first impression of your home is very important. According to HomeOwners Alliance, 68% of potential buyers were influenced by their reaction to the exterior of a property. And you don’t have to blow your Christmas shopping budget on these improvements, there are some great ideas for upping your home’s kerb appeal for under £250.

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Price your house right 

Putting your house up for the appropriate price is important in securing a fast sale. Too high and you’ll put off viewings, but too low and you won’t capitalise on what your home is truly worth. Get expert advice from estate agents and consult the Land Registry for final sale prices of other properties in your area.

Prepare for viewings

It’s a tough time to sell a property, especially with uncertainty over Brexit – the only thing certain about it is that it won’t be resolved by the 21st October! With that in mind, only the best houses are going to sell right now, so ensuring your house will wow potential buyers is a must. Clean up and clear clutter, and also consider improving your lighting scheme, as many of your viewings will be during low-light hours at this time of year.

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Contact a solicitor

It’s never too early to get a specialist conveyancing solicitor on board to help expedite any paperwork for the transaction. If you haven’t used a local solicitor before, ask friends and family for any companies with which they’ve had good experiences.

Pick a speedy buyer

Not all home-buyers are created equal. Look for offers from buyers who aren’t in a chain, and those that have proof their finances are in place. Instruct all parties that you’re looking to complete before Christmas, and ask them to act quickly in organising a survey and a solicitor.


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