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Crown Paints launches new range for A/W 2021

New interiors projects are always on our radar, but no more so than in 2021. Since foreign holidays are still off the cards (for now), and UK breaks are rocketing in price, the next few months are all about decorating! Enter Crown Paints stunning new A/W 2021 range, launching in July and containing gorgeous colours, perfect for any DIY project. Whether you’re giving your spare room an overhaul, or renovating your home office, this range has got you sorted.

Complete with three different elements, Crown Paints A/W 2021 collection is sure to be a great fit. Read on to find out more about the three elements of the range…

Image: Crown Paints


After a year of unbalance, this element of the new range is all about appreciating alignment and the slower pace of life we came to appreciate during lockdowns.

Its focus on British manufacturing reflects the growing need for sustainability in DIY. Moreover avoiding the thousands of miles many products travel before reaching the shelves. Justyna Korczynska from the Crown Design studio explains: “Products that are locally sourced, carefully crafted and made using natural materials are becoming increasingly sought after. These materials bring their own colour palette with them, taking inspiration from nature and natural materials which create calm and harmonious spaces. ”

On the whole, integrity is a reaction to our fast-paced, digital world. It has plenty of beautiful, craft, natural pieces that will stand the test of time.


Image: Crown Paints


On the other hand, crystal is more closely linked with our mental wellbeing. As something else which has suffered over the last year, our mental wellbeing can always do with a boost and this aspect of the collection promises that. Focussing on the impact colour can have to uplift us by using psychology, this will give your interiors a calming vibe.

So what are the mood-boosting qualities? Including iridescent and semi-transparent materials in crystal-like tones creating overlays in a selection of colours. It’s inspired by changing colours and augmented reality, resulting in a dreamy space of escape in beautiful hues of aqua and violet.

Kathryn Lloyd of Crown Design Studio tells us: “Pure, clean and polished, crystal captures the layered look of coloured translucent materials created by using tone on tone colour. It is important to capture iridescent elements through the props and for the styling to be crisp and modern with sleek, highly polished translucent glassware.

“The idea of cleanliness, calm and tranquillity is expressed through the colours within this palette. Hues are tonal: cool blues with an intense cobalt and aqua to highlight.”

Image: Crown Paints


As a nod to modern modular architecture and moulding and layering objects, Layers creates real fluidity within its palette. It’s a celebration of technological and manufacturing advancements being made in interior design and is really stunning,

Neville Knott, Crown colour consultant says: “Taking inspiration from aspects of conceptual architecture, this collection of colours captures the relationship between structures that define and announce creative solutions. This palette acknowledges the relationship and tension that exists between colours to ultimately create a dynamic pattern that engages with the linear dimensions of a space.”

Image: Crown Paints

The collection launches online in July 2021. Can’t wait that long? Browse Crown Paints current range of colourful paint.

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