Written by Paisley Tedder

Why you need to try B&M’s new iced coffee machine

Get your iced coffee fix easily from home with the Breville Iced Coffee Maker, which is available in B&M stores nationwide for just £35

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We’re loving the hot weather at the moment, but there’s only one thing to really cool us down when the temperatures in the UK start to rise, and that’s an iced coffee.

As something that has grown in popularity during lockdown, iced coffees have switched from being a coffee shop treat, to something we’re all trying out ourselves at home. Therefore, having our own machine – especially at such a bargain price – is a no brainer!

Iced coffee machines: B&M has launched a bargain Breville iced coffee machine for summer

Iced coffee is a must when the heat is on (photo: Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash)


From the viral Dalgona iced coffee that first started trending on TikTok during the first lockdown, to the Instagrammers who have been cooling off with a cold coffee during the July heatwave, its safe to say iced coffee is on-trend. Not only that, but this year’s Love Islanders have been partaking during the time in the Mallorcan villa, with the boys desperate to get the perfect blend to impress the ladies!

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Why go for the Breville Iced Coffee Machine?

If you’re not convinced by B&M’s latest bargain offering (hello, sweet iced coffee whenever you want for less than £40?!), here’s a few reasons why its our hot pick of the moment…

  1. It’s ready in less than five minutes, a quick speed but also enough time for you to unload the washing machine, empty the dishwasher or do some squats, if you’re into that!
  2. The simple measuring system, with the scoop included, means it’s even easier to brew the perfect ratio of hot, concentrated coffee over a tumbler of ice. This means your coffee will be flavour-packed and never watered down.
  3. Making your iced coffee at home with this machines you can mix up syrups and different types of milk to create the ultimate iced coffee blend you love!
  4. Save on spills with the Breville Iced Coffee Machine’s drip-stop function. It will do no good to waste our precious blend!
  5. The double wall insulated, BPA-free tumbler keeps iced coffee colder for longer, plus includes a lid and straw which you can reuse each time you have a brew, instead of its non-recyclable coffee shop counterparts. Additionally, it includes a reusable nylon coffee filter so there is no need for paper filters.
The B&M iced coffee machine is a bargain!

Breville Iced Coffee Machine, £35, B&M

B&M’s Breville iced coffee machine is available in store now. Find your nearest store here

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