Future-proof your bathroom with these smart and easy-to-use bathroom tech ideas from VictoriaPlum.com

SmarTap Shower System Victoria Plum Bathroom Ideas

Image: VictoriaPlum.com

With smart homes becoming more accessible thanks to innovations such as Amazon Alexa and Apple HomePod, it’s hardly surprising that bathrooms are now following suit. With a range of systems available, from the more basic digital showers to ones that control all aspects of your bathroom, you can now fully customise and personalise your experience.

Want to start your morning shower from the warmth of your bed? No problem. Want your perfect bath ready the minute you walk through the door? With a smart bathroom system, it’s easy and more affordable than you’d think.

Here we round up a few smart ideas to consider when updating your bathroom from the experts at VictoriaPlum.com.

Digital showers

Platinum Rear Shower Digital Temperature Victoria Plum


VictoriaPlum.com says: 

'One of the easiest ways to bring your bathroom bang up-to-date, you’ll find a superb range of digital showers at VictoriaPlum.com, including well-known models from brands such as Mira Showers, Aqualisa and Bristan.'

Smart bathroom systems

SmarTap Shower System Victoria Plum Bathroom Ideas

Image: VictoriaPlum.com

VictoriaPlum.com says: 

'Exclusive to VictoriaPlum.com in the UK, SmarTap is a revolutionary smart bathroom system, above, that allows you to fully customise every aspect of your bathroom experience, from the duration and temperature of your shower to the depth of your bath.

SmarTap integrates with a wide range of smart home systems, including Amazon Alexa, so you can even use voice activation. The future of the bathroom is closer than you think.'

Spa style features

Led Sshower Head Mode Hydro Temperature Victoria Plum

Image: VictoriaPlum.com

VictoriaPlum.com says: 

'With the Mode Stream Bluetooth speaker shower head you don’t just have to stream water! Listen to your favourite tunes in the shower or even in other rooms, thanks to the detachable speaker.

The Mode Hydro temperature indicating LED shower head changes from blue to purple to red to indicate when your water temperature is just right — no nasty surprises!'

Nifty bathroom gadgets

Led Mirror Mode Bathrooms Victoria Plum

Image: VictoriaPlum.com

VictoriaPlum.com says: 

'Isn’t it frustrating when you get out of the tub or shower, only to find your mirror is completely steamed up? Not anymore.

With the range of LED mirrors with demisters from Mode Bathrooms, you don’t even need to dry your hands, thanks to infrared sensors.'

Hot tub baths

Whirlpool Jacuzzi Bath Bathroom Ideas Victoria Plum Spa Bath

Image: VictoriaPlum.com

VictoriaPlum.com says:

'The original whirlpool bath; you really can’t beat a Jacuzzi when it comes to sheer relaxation. With a range of models on offer, including a spacious double ended design, you’re bound to find the right Jacuzzi bath for your bathroom.'


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