period living room painted in farrow and ball rangwali -

How to decorate your home with red

February 3, 2020

If you’re passionate about red, but aren’t sure how to best use it in your home, read on for our top tips for introducing the colour into an interior scheme.

period living room painted in farrow and ball rangwali -

Image: Modern Emulsion in Rangwali, Farrow & Ball 

When it comes to powerhouse colours that pack a punch, you can’t beat red. One way or another, it’s going to add atmosphere to your home’s design, but how and where you use it is the all-important factor.

Get it right and you’ll have an invigorating, romantic or timeless scheme, but get it wrong and you could very well end up with a major headache.

Pick the right room

nautical bedroom painted in Benjamin Moore Caliente AF 290 Regal Select Eggshell -

Image: Benjamin Moore 

When it comes to colour psychology, red comes with a lot of baggage. It’s a colour charged with energy, meaning that it can both help put some zip in your step, but can also leave you feeling a bit frazzled and frantic. And while it may be the colour of passion and love, it’s also the colour of danger and anger – you might be able to see why it needs to be used with care!

Think about how you use the space before committing to an overly red colour scheme. It might not be the right choice for a bedroom or bathroom you want to make into a space that’s calm and relaxing, while it can be super cosy and inviting for a formal dining room, or add a fun element to a cloakroom for example.

Opt for less saturated reds

living room with red sofa and rug -

Image: DFS 

Primary red isn’t your only option when considering the colour for your interiors, and this season, we’re seeing a big trend towards rust tones. This Blenheim sofa from DFS is still bold, but is dialled back in comparison to a classic red. Pairing it with other tonal reds helps to ground the colour even more in this scheme.

Add calming elements

modern bathroom with red metro tiles -

Image: Mandarin Stone

Earthy elements, such as wood and stone, help to ground red and give it a more natural-leaning feel.

Create a period-inspired feel

period style house with luxury vinyl floor tiles in red -

Image: Harvey Maria 

Red works great for period-inspired properties, calling back to classic hues used throughout history. Whether you opt for darker, traditional wall colours, or even this statement Victorian-style luxury vinyl tile pattern floor, red finds itself at home in a period house.

Go for the luxe look

red living room with velvet sofa and wall mural -

Image: Carpetright

Red is a great way to bring a sense of luxury and grandeur to a space. Red walls feel decadent, while red velvet is the ultimate in opulent style when it comes to room décor.

Use as an accent

devol potager cabinet in red with painted interior -

Image: deVOL 

Unless you’re looking to create something super bold and design-forward, red is probably best kept as a highlight within your room scheme. It’s a beautiful colour and, used in the right amount, it can really add the wow-factor to your space. Try one large piece of furniture, such as this Potager’s Cupboard from deVOL, and then tie in with small accessories throughout the scheme.


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