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Crown Paints trends: Interior colour predictions for 2021

If you have a room that’s due an interior design update, get ahead of the bandwagon with Crown’s paint trend predictions for 2021.

Image: Crown Paints

As we draw towards the end of another year, you can’t help but wonder what 2021 holds for interior design trends.

When it comes to the colours we paint our homes, each paint brand has its own ideas. Dulux has predicted Brave Ground as the colour of 2021, while Graham & Brown opted for a purple-red Epoch and Neptune a gorgeous shade of olive green.

Now the experts at Crown Paints have thrown their hats into the ring, revealing the big colour trends they predict will form our decorating habits in the spring and summer of 2021. Rather than a single shade, their predictions are based around ideas and philosophies for how our homes are evolving in use and style, creating striking colour palettes that are easy to adopt into future interior design plans.

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Comforting colours

Image: Crown Paints

Called Cocoon, this trend is all about making home a sanctuary – something that has been more relevant than ever with how 2020 panned out. While Dulux’s version of this trend uses browns and beiges, Crown’s is more appealing to colour lovers, with soft pastel pinks and greens mixed with warm and tactile reds.

Judy Smith, Crown Colour Consultant explains: ‘Cocoon is about simple beauty no embellishment, no frills, it focusses on rounded sculptural shapes and sensuous curves to create a calm and a quiet haven Shapes are organic, materials are enveloping and comforting, colours are natural with an underlying warmth that harmonises and tones’

Unexpected combinations

Image: Crown Paints

Witty is inspired by diversity and multiculturalism, finding exciting colour combinations which push forward with a fresh style. This trend takes root in the designers bringing joy into the world despite the challenges they face.

Justyna Korczynska from Crown Design Studio says: ‘This year more than ever, we all need a good dose of optimism and a bit of cheering up And this is exactly what this trend is all about Bright, colourful, cheerful, and full of joy Witty creates walls to lift our spirits up and put a smile.’

Bauhaus-inspired primary colours

Image: Crown Paints

The iconic German design school Bauhaus frames the inspiration for the Foresight. Block shapes in primary blues, yellows and red create a minimalist, but colourful outlook where form follows function.

‘I love the way this trend brings us ‘back to the future’,’ says Crown Colour Consultant Neville Knott. ‘With a functional approach to design aesthetics reflective of the Bauhaus, its strong colours and shapes provide graphic focal points within a space This contemporary and progressive approach embraces affordable materials to create an Interior full of modernist values that positions honest forms at its core.’

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