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9 kitchen coffee station ideas

If a spoonful of the instant stuff no longer cuts the mustard, then set yourself up for a home barista experience with these kitchen coffee station ideas.

Cafetieres, coffee machines, bean grinders, pods, sugar, sweeteners… they all take up space. So get organised and grab your morning cup o’ Joe in a flash with a tidy coffee bar in your kitchen, workspace or even a nook or alcove in the living room.

Good Homes magazine takes a look at some great kitchen coffee station ideas from real homes, kitchen companies and Instagram…

1. LED-lit larder unit

When Mirukshi and Tim Brunton remodelled the downstairs layout of their home, the new kitchen needed to cater to the needs of a busy family. An LED-lit breakfast larder unit with bi-folding doors offered the perfect solution to keeping clutter at bay. Not only is a great coffee station, it also hides the toaster, glassware, tea bags and even the boiler.

kitchen coffee station in a real home

Photo: Paul Craig

2. Shaker it up

Ruth and Robbie Kalbraier designed a Shaker-style kitchen as part of a whole property renovation with an open-plan layout designed for family life and entertaining. Keeping clutter at bay was a must. They created a huge pantry unit that not only functions as a kitchen coffee station, it’s also home to recipe books, ceramics, glassware, a home cocktail bar and has spice racks built into the doors.

kitchen coffee station and cocktail bar in a bespoke cabinet

Photo: Paul Craig

3. Built-in coffee machine

Getting your coffee maker built into a bespoke kitchen coffee station is next-level design. This Fisher & Paykel coffee maker fits snuggly into a coffee cabinet at House of Grey London. It even has handy pull-out drawers to better access your barista-quality beans and to rest cups while creating the perfect blend.

coffee station with pull-out drawer by fisher paykel

Design by @houseofgreylondon. Photo: @michaelsinclair

4. Cabinet conversion

Of course, a kitchen coffee station doesn’t need to be an expensive, bespoke affair. Stacy from @farmhousetofrills transformed an unused space into a coffee bar simply by filling a sideboard unit with tea and coffee, placing the coffee machine and other appliances on top, hanging mugs on hooks from the wall and filling open shelves with the essentials in refillable glass jars. For a real coffee bar feel add a chalkboard with all your coffee options listed, from a flat white to a cortado.   

5. From coffee to cocktails

Here’s another smart use of bi-folding doors in the Fridja family’s kitchen makeover, which neatly conceals away the coffee station. The Harvey Jones cabinetry is painted in Farrow & Ball’s Off Black with the panelled interior in Setting Plaster. This fab second colour that’s revealed when the coffee station is opened creates the chic look of drinks bar, which could easily go from day to night.

Create a built in drinks cabinet at home

Photo: Harvey Jones

6. Sideboard sipping

A sideboard or drinks trolley is another great way to create a coffee bar without going to great expense. @nuris_homediary used a cabinet from Bestier with LED strip light to house her coffee pods and mugs, alongside a few essential snacks! A sliding mesh door hides the messiest of accessories, while glass jars keep pods and cookies tidy and provides the perfect place to invite friends over for afternoon tea.

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7. Brew like a pro

This coffee station will make mornings a joy. The worktop space has a power supply for kitchen appliances like this Cuisinart professional grind and brew plus, which freshly grinds your beans with a built-in burr grinder before brewing. Keep the doors open during busy mornings, without them getting in the way, and close it away when you want a calmer, cleaner aesthetic (and to hide the breakfast clutter).

Breakfast stations to make mornings a joy

Photo: Cuisinart

8. Tiny cupboard

Even the smallest of cabinets can be converted into a kitchen coffee station. Pocket doors and a pull-out shelf will help you make the most of such an arrangement. This compact cupboard houses a coffee machine, while all the beans and grounds can be housed in the drawers below.

Tiny cupboard coffee station ideas

Photo: Brayer Design

9. Worktop wonder

Of course, there’s always an Ikea hack, even when it comes to kitchen coffee stations. Here, a kitchen worktop with set-back storage that offers a little leg room, leaves space for a couple of Kullaberg stools so you can perch for your morning brew. Add your coffee machine, a few mugs and you’re good to go.

ikea coffee station hack using a storage cube, stools and worktop

Photo: Ikea



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