fridge freezer in neutral kitchen - 6 tips to keep your freezer efficient - kitchen -

6 tips to keep your freezer running efficiently

May 11, 2020

It’s important to check that your freezer is as efficient as possible before summer rolls around. Here are a few top tips…

fridge freezer in neutral kitchen - 6 tips to keep your freezer efficient - kitchen -

Image: Obi Onyeador 

If you’re getting on top of household jobs before summer, one task to consider is how you can make your fridge freezer run more efficiently. Linda Dodge from Saveonenergy has provided these tips to ensure you save money and energy on the runnin gof this important appliance.

A tight seal

Check the rubber seal on the door. If there is any damage, look to replace this immediately. Also ensure that it is kept clean, so a tight seal is maintained.

Keep away from heat sources

Keep the freezer away from sources of heat such as the oven, washing machine and direct sunlight if possible. If it is placed near one of these things it means your freezer will have to work twice as hard to stay cool.

Allow space

Give the coils on the back of your freezer space by not putting it tight against the wall. These coils need to be kept clean and dust free or they will have to work harder to maintain temperature.

Time to defrost

Build‐up of ice and frost will make your freezer use more energy. Look to defrost at the first sign of this so the ice doesn’t build up too much, at which point it becomes a much bigger job.

Check the temperature

Check the temperature. The freezer should be kept at ‐18°C for optimum efficiency.

Consider downsizing

If you have lots of empty space in your freezer consider a smaller one. The smaller the device, the less energy required to keep it freezing.


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