Written by Becca Green

4 Instagram kitchen storage hacks

With the rise of ‘cleanfluencers’, innovative kitchen storage hacks have started to go viral. The like of Instagram influencer Mrs Hinch, TV star Stacey Solomon and the inimitable Marie Kondo have made cleaning and organising cool again with their quirky ideas, like these nifty viral kitchen storage hacks…

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Image: Poundland

1. Hang your crisps 

Made famous by TV personality Stacey Solomon, this food storage hack is all over our Instagram feeds. Crisps often get dumped in a drawer and look mightily untidy, but with this storage hack that problem is solved! Simply hang a rail in one of your cupboards and hang your crisps up so they are easy to see and grab.


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2. Sink tidy

Are you guilty of buying five different types of wash cloth and sponges? We definitely are! Thanks to Mrs Hinch, homeowners are now focusing on organising their sink with a nifty sink caddy – they even have the perfect place to house your Minky.

3. Labelled storage jars

Get rid of your plastic storage and opt for glass alternatives instead. Follow in the footsteps of the cleaning influencers and invest in a label maker to label all of your jars, meaning they’ll be no mistakes in mixing up your kitchen accessories.

4. Cleaning cupboard overhaul

Be inspired by perfectly organised cleaning cupboards. Whether you store your products under your sink or in a cupboard, make sure to pick up some baskets (ideally sustainable ones, made from bamboo, recycled plastic or those woven from eco-friendly materials) and separate your products by function or the rooms they’re intended for.