The benefits of a boot room or utility

July 19, 2022

It’s a common misconception that you must have a large, lavish home to accommodate a utility boot room. Ideal for decluttering kitchens, the spaces are a practical addition to any home – creating additional storage and hideaways for bulky appliances, laundry and outdoor apparel.

Whether to go for a utility or boot room – or a utility boot room combo – will come down to your lifestyle requirements. Utility rooms are a popular choice in busy, open-plan homes, as they allow large appliances and the clutter of daily life to be concealed behind closed doors, while boot rooms are most popular in rural homes, providing a dedicated space for your coat, muddy boots and soggy dogs.

These utility boot room ideas combine functional and aesthetic benefits to look as stylish as your living spaces…


Cohesive design

A utility room allows you to connect your living areas in a clutter-free, harmonious scheme. By choosing a utility or boot room to match your kitchen decor, the spaces will flow seamlessly from one to the next.

utility room with grey cabinets, chalk board wall and coffee station

Photo: Paul Craig

Make chores more enjoyable

There are plenty of things we’d rather be doing than laundry, but adding a dedicated space for household chores gives you the opportunity to create a beautiful-yet-functional space that’s a joy to spending time in. When contemplating utility boot room ideas, consider using your favourite colours to create either a calming or fun environment. Or you could try adding open shelving to display the things you love, such as plants, photos and ornaments.

pink utility room with monochrome patterned flooring tiles and washer dryer in a tall cabinet

Photo: Masterclass Kitchens

Out of sight, out of mind

The best boot room ideas allow you to conveniently hide the evidence of life’s daily challenges behind closed doors. Let your utility boot room be the workforce of the home, where household chores can be discreetly popped on the later pile.

boot room with sink, storage bench and space to hang coats

Photo: Masterclass Kitchens

Keep noise at bay

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where family and friends naturally gather, so don’t let the humming and clatter of appliances spoil the atmosphere. Instead, keep those washer/dryer noises at bay behind the closed door of a utility room. To save space, incorporate a tall cabinet so that your appliances can be stacked.

grey utility room with sink, washing machine and dryer, and storage for coats and shoes

Photo: Masterclass Kitchens

No more muddy footprints

Outdoor pursuits can often lead to unwanted mud trails through the home. A boot room creates a dedicated space to remove shoes, boots and coats before you enter the home, offering an elegant transition from outdoors to indoors that keeps any wet footprints well away from your living spaces. Better still, a utility boot room combo will allow you to sit and remove wet gear and pop it in the washing machine or sink immediately.

utility boot room ideas: functional space with grey cabinets and room to hang coats

Photo: Sandra Robinson Kitchen

Extra storage

A utility boot room gives you the flexibility to expand your storage options, freeing up space in your kitchen and keeping work surfaces clutter-free. You can also avoid overcrowding your kitchen with white goods. By using your utility room for laundry, you can also keep bulky laundry baskets out of your bedrooms and bathrooms.

kitchen with navy cabinets, white marble worktops and large sink

Photo: Paul Craig

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