Written by Hugh Metcalf

How to design a stylish boot room

Avoid muddy footprints making their way into your home this autumn with the addition of a stylish boot room…

 green boot room with panelling - good homes - kitchen

Image: Martin Moore

Where space allows, a boot room is the perfect addition to the modern family home. While the origin of the boot room may be in spacious country homes as a place to stop the ingress of mud from the great outdoors, it’s something that’s valuable to any property, especially at this time of year.

You don’t need to have a large space in order to benefit from the design ideas of a boot room – in fact, you can create one with just one wall in a hallway or kitchen.

1. Storage seating

A bench to perch to remove your shoes or wellies is a must, but you can use this space for storage too. In this boot room, pull out drawers have ben incorporated to make the most of the space. “A row of hooks above the bench provide somewhere to hang coats and hats,” says Chris Spinks, kitchen designer at Hush Kitchens.

farm house boot room by hush kitchens - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Farmhouse style bootroom with cabinetry from Hush Kitchens. Photo: Pete Helme

2. Panelling

Butt and bead panelling is not only a design classic for country homes, it has some practical function in a boot room too for protecting your walls from wet, muddy splashes. Wood paints tend to be hardier and more wipeable than wall emulsion, but you should opt for easy-clean paints on the walls in your boot room too.

“Just as in a kitchen, utility and boot rooms can be designed to make a statement,” explains the team at Martin Moore. “Classic cabinetry painted in rich blues and deep greens add vibrancy and character.”

On top of this panelling why not use a shelf to add extra space for storage, or as a decorative element in your scheme?

3. Practical flooring

A durable and easy to clean flooring is required for a well-used boot room. Of course, natural stone is a country classic, but an easy-to-clean laminate or porcelain tile flooring works just as well.

In an entryway boot room, you could also consider a durable natural flooring such as coir, which would stand up to the rigours required of the space.

boot room in modern country house - good homes - kitchen

Image: Architects De Rosee Sa created this boot room for a modern country home. Photo: Dave Watts

4. Built-in storage

Use your boot room area for overflow storage from the rest of the house by choosing built in storage to match you seating. Using fitted, bespoke cabinetry will help you make the most of your space and store as much as possible. Create a mix of hanging storage, shelves, drawers and even open storage to make your space as versatile as possible.