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6 styling ideas to fill awkward corners

Got an empty corner of your room that feels awkward? Learn how to style them up properly with our handy ideas.

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We all have a corner of our homes that we can’t quite get to sit right. From the spaces that are too small for a side table but too big for some wall art, when it gets down to it, there are actually plenty of options for filling them without cluttering your home.

We got the lowdown from a handful of talented interior designers, offering  their styling expertise and top tips for filling awkward corners.

Antique finds

Hallways and entryways are transitional zones in the home and are visited all of the time by friends and family. Even though these are highly trafficked areas, people don’t spend too much time in them.

To style up any awkward corners or blank spaces find eye-catching pieces such as a mirror or a one-off antique. Interior Designer Vanessa Arbuthnott says ‘It’s good to plan to use a mirror in your hallway for many reasons. One is that you will create a much longer and brighter hallways. Secondly, it’s easy to take quick glance on the way out to check your hair!’ 

Decorative shelf

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Image: Vincent & Barn

The blank half wall might come in handy if you’re in need of more storage space. Hang a stylish shelf for an attractive way to make sure your beloved trinkets and accessories are put on display without creating uneccessary clutter. A trailing plant placed on a floating shelf is a great styling tip to play with heights and interest.

Unique art

Art is a great way to balance out a room’s décor and fill empty, awkward corners. Whilst you could hang up a simple painting, it may be more interesting to opt for different art arrangements or sculptures. Sometimes one special piece is all it takes. Display vases and decorative ornaments on individual side tables if you have the space – this creates a luxurious and dramatic effect.

A dry bar

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Image: Atkin & Thyme

Whilst bar carts were previously seen as a relic of the past, they have become a fashionable way to display your favourite spirits and glassware, whilst having the functionality of a moving bar. This makes it perfect for fitting in and filling up any awkward corner of the room.

‘When styling your bar cart choose bottles that have varying heights and widths for styling. Add some crystal glasses and a beautiful cut glass bottle opener to finish,’ says Jennifer Jarvis, Senior Designer at Helen Green Design.

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Shed some light

Empty corners in our homes can often be very dark and dingey – an effective way of styling up a dark corner is to introduce light to the space. ‘If you are just working with an empty corner, style with a unique floor lamp to draw the eye’s attention around the space. Combine this with a dimmable wall light to create additional pockets of ambient light,’ says Ally Dowsing-Reynolds, co-owner of Dowsing & Reynolds

Plant power

plant staircase - 6 styling ideas for filling an empty corner - inspiration - goodhomesmagazine.com


If in doubt, a plant will solve most styling issues you have in your home. Plants can brighten up any space in an architectural and dramatic way. Indoor plants have a much longer life span than cut flowers, and they can fit into empty corners like a snug piece of furniture. Consider displaying hanging plants for a cool and contemporary look.

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