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The Serpent home décor: Get the seventies look with these trends

BBC’s The Serpent has kept us on the edge of our seats, but it’s not just the characters we’re obsessed with, it’s the stunning seventies-inspired interiors too.

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The Serpent - Credit: BBC

Image: BBC

The Serpent landed on BBC iPlayer just last month, breaking BBC iPlayer viewership records in the first week of 2021 to become one of the most popular true crime series to be streamed.

Whilst its dark narrative and international locations have kept us watching, the free spirited, hippy, mid-century inspired interiors have captivated our interest as much as Jenna Coleman’s wardrobe.

Get some seventies flair in your home with these trends below…

Rattan and natural materials

Modern Mediterranean Rattan sideboard, John Lewis SS21

Image: John Lewis & Partners

Buy the Rattan Sideboard Oak from John Lewis & Partners

From large statement pieces, to subtle touches, you can always count on rattan and textural twists to make a comeback as one of the biggest interiors trends.

The neutral tones mean it can blend into the home, whilst also adding tactility and exoticness to any space.

We spoke to Wil Law, Partner & Home Design Stylist at John Lewis & Partners who provided us with this expert styling tip:
“Introduce it into the home where you would usually opt for plain wooden designs, such as dining chairs or storage for a shot of extra texture that is timeless and rooted in craftsmanship that you’ll love for years to come.

Statement lighting

Kami - 1 Light Natural Bamboo Easy Fit Lampshade

Image: Lights and Lamps

Buy the Kami – 1 Light Natural Bamboo Easy Fit Lampshade from Lights & Lamps

A far cry from neon disco lights, lighting from this era is all about structure and creating subtle kaleidoscopic patterns without the eyesore.

Great for making a statement in hallways or over a dining table, it will no doubt create a focal point to discuss over dinner once we’re allowed to entertain guests.

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Warm, earthy colours

Shropshire Green Bath - Credit: Yvette Chaix

Image: Yvette Chaix 

Buy the Shropshire bath from Victoria & Albert

Nothing evokes 1970s interiors like rich, warm shades of teal, olive green, and mustard, with heavy wood accents.

Unlike the dated avocado green bathroom suites and schemes we would have seen 50 years ago, these on-trend shades offer a colourful palette to play with, not only in your bathroom but all around the home.

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Vintage printed wallpaper


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Image: Graham and Brown

Buy the Bohemian Dream wallpaper Graham and Brown’s Through The Decades Collection 

Another way to get into the groove and add retro seventies aesthetic into your home is to introduce big, bold geometric shapes in bright contrasting colours.

However, the trend can be a little intimidating if used excessively, so it’s important to be considerate of your space.

Why not add a pop of colour to a feature wall and strip everything else back with a neutral backdrop for maximum impact?

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Get crafting with macramé

Dunelm Macrame Hanger kit

Image: Dunelm

Buy the Dunhelm Wool Couture Three Sisters Plant Hanger Macrame Kit

Not just a crazy craze of the 70s, this bohemian woven and knotted accessory has millennials going mad for it on Instagram with over 5.5M posts.

Whether you’re upcycling a plain mirror, creating a hanging planter or designing a wall hanging, the possibilities are endless with these DIY kits.

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Eccentric embellishments

Amara Global Explorer Throw

Image: Amara

Buy the Amara Global Explorer Woven Fringed Throw

Tassels, pompoms and fringe embellishments are great ways to inject some seventies soul into your furnishings, softening hard edges and straight lines in your home.

Thankfully, this is a versatile trend which has been incorporated in lighting accessories from lampshades and table lamps to soft textiles like throws and cushions.

Iconic wall art

Oui Mon Cheri Poster- Credit: FY!

Image: The Native State for FY!

Buy Oui Mon Cheri Canvas Print from FY!

Lastly, vintage framed prints are a must, and will really complete the look in your home.

Not only will they provide the room with an edge, they can also bring a focus point and are a great way to incorporate personality into your space. For instance, classic movie posters, style icons or lyrics from your favourite seventies hits provide the perfect nostalgic memory.

Given that much of the series was filmed in French, this poster gives us all the Francophile vibes!

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