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Expert tips on how to sell your house online during lockdown

Now that the lockdown is loosening and the property market is slowly re-opening, you may be starting to think about buying and selling a property. Try these tips to get you started.

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Make a video tour of your home

Showing off your home with an audio description would be a great way for people to experience a viewing without going, but you have to make sure the camera work is professional looking and good quality. Using a tripod to make sure it’s a steady video would be a good idea. 

Do a zoom call with prospective buyers

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Jump on the WFH bandwagon and do a call with your viewers, this will allow them to ask you questions and let them feel like they know more about the house before purchasing. A zoom call creates a more personal experience, where potential buyers will install trust in you.

Plan when you’re going to show off your home

Whether you’re filming a tour or doing a call as above, plan the timing so the lighting in your home is good and illuminates the property. The last thing you want is your home looking dark and dingy. 

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Make sure your pictures are high quality

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With viewings being more difficult to arrange, you want to make sure your photos for selling are as clear and detailed as possible. As always when selling a home, it’s important to clear away any clutter and keep it looking as clean and fresh as you possibly can. 

Be honest about any flaws

With people not being able to inspect your property in person they are more likely to be suspicious that you could be leaving things out of the virtual viewing, therefore some honesty will go a long way. Show viewers you’re trustworthy and someone they would want to buy from.  


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