multi tonal bedroom paint scheme - top tips on painting your home during lockdown - inspiration -

Top tips for painting your walls during lockdown

April 30, 2020

Decided to use this time at home to get the paintbrushes out and start decorating? Read our expert top tips on how to get the job done properly…

multi tonal bedroom paint scheme - top tips on painting your home during lockdown - inspiration -

Image: Annie Sloan

With many Brits trying to make the most of their time at home, a new lick of paint ought to do the trick to give your home a fresh lease of life.

But what is the best way to paint your walls? We spoke to experts at who have provided advice on how paint your home effectively, and maintain its appearance.

Best applicators and equipment

painting equiptment - top tips on painting your home during lockdown - inspiration -

Image: Pixabay 

The best painting equipment depends on the type of finish required and what kind of wall you’re painting.

Generally speaking, the best equipment for every situation include:

  • Edging paintbrush – If you want perfect edges, purchasing a paintbrush exclusively for edging is a must.
  • Roller – This is the traditional painting tool that’s been around for generations because it does the job so well.
  • Miniature roller – These smaller rollers can help with smaller wall spaces and edging.
  • Long handle roller – If your walls are high, or you’re painting a ceiling, a long roller can help you reach those high places.
  • Paint pads – This pad can make painting effortless and leave your walls with a smooth finish. They do need more loading than a roller, but still a great addition to your painting equipment collection.
  • Masking tape – Essential if you want straight, clean lines.
  • Paint tray – Limit the mess created and be far more efficient than trying to paint direct from a tin

To prime or not to prime?

Before starting, priming your walls is a great tip, especially if you’re changing colour. It provides a base coat and covers up unsightly stains. Paint primers are usually thicker than standard paint and can take a little longer to dry, but you’ll be left with a stable surface for your colour coat.

How to paint like a pro

paint roller on wall - top tips on painting your home during lockdown - inspiration -

Image: Pixabay

  1. Clear the room you are painting of any furniture as much as possible. If you can’t remove all furniture, cover it with old sheets.
  2. Lay down old sheets on the flooring and cover it as well as you can. Using masking tape to stick down sheeting can secure it in place.
  3. Next, use masking tape on any areas that you don’t want to be painted (skirting boards, ceiling, etc.); this will also help with a clean finish.
  4. Load up your painting tray and start painting the edges first. Either with a paintbrush or an edging paintbrush.
  5. After you’ve finished the edges, next grab your roller (or paint pad), start from the painted edges and paint in a W shape across the wall, ensuring you spread the paint evenly.
  6. To get rid of any brush or roller strokes, push a roller with hardly any pressure from the very top of the wall (in a straight line) to the bottom of the wall.

How to maintain a painted wall

After all that effort, you want your painted wall to stay fresh. To maintain your painted walls, make sure to dust them often using a microfibre dust cloth. In areas such as the bathroom or kitchen, it’s worth gently cleaning walls with a damp cloth and soapy water once a year, to rid them of any grime and residue.


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