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How to successfully paint your front door

One DIY job you can get stuck into during lockdown is re-decorating your front door. Take a look at our step-by-step guide.

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With the UK on lockdown, many people are using the time at home to renovate their homes, and quick and easy painting jobs are at the forefront. In fact, leading furniture paint brand Frenchic has noticed a spike in people upcycling their front doors as part of a new, innovative decorating trend.

Fancy trying it yourself? Read our step-by-step guide to re-painting a front door below to get you started.

1. Remove fixtures

It’s important to remove any door furniture you have on your front door including the handle, letterbox and number. It’s easier to do this than to try and paint around them, which can be very fiddly.

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2. Give it a good clean

An external door will quite likely be dirty, whether it looks it or not. Mix an all purpose cleaner with warm water and give it a wash down with a sponge. Wipe off any excess with water and dry off with a cloth.

3. Create a smooth surface

Creating a smooth and blank canvas is important for achieving a clean and professional-looking finish. Depending on the current condition of your door will depend on how tough your sandpaper needs to be. If there are any cracks or holes in your door, fix with filler (ensuring it’s suitable for outdoor use) and use sandpaper to smooth out.

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Image: Pixabay

4. Prime it

Using a primer isn’t always necessary for repainting a door. However if you’re painting your door an entirely different colour, especially if opting for a lighter shade, it’s wise to use one as a solid base coat. Leave to dry for around an hour, or when it’s touch dry before you continue painting.

5. Time to paint

Make sure you’ve got a wide paintbrush as well as a detail brush in order to successfully paint the smaller details of your door. Use an exterior wood gloss or eggshell paint to get the smoothest finish and judge whether you require one, two or three coats.

It should be dry and ready to use again in 2 hours – you should leave the door open during this time, so you may want to choose a day with warm weather to tackle this task. Then simply reapply your door furniture and you’re good to go.


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