Secret Linen Store linen set in Mustard in wood bedroom -

How to decorate your home with yellow

March 20, 2020

Yellow is a colour that can bring joy and energy to your home. Use it at the heart to your next decorating scheme with this easy guide.

Secret Linen Store linen set in Mustard in wood bedroom -

Image: Secret Linen Store 

Yellow has long been a favourite accent hue for confident home stylists, but for a new way to push the colour to the next level, we’re loving a more-is-more approach to using it in your room schemes.

Whether bright saffron, moody mustard or a light, fresh buttercup, try these ideas for implementing a new yellow look.

Choose a warm contrast

yellow living room neptune

Image: Neptune 

The classic contrast for a pop of yellow has historically been a charcoal grey, however, shades of beige, flax and oatmeal have replaced it as the on-trend colour combination of the day. These warm-tinged neutrals bring a comfort and softness to the scheme that’s not so apparent in the grey and yellow version of the look.

Give your space energy

Salerno Yellow stone and ceramic warehouse

Image: Stone and Ceramic Warehouse 

In terms of colour psychology, yellow brings energy to your room – use this knowledge to best decide where different shades of yellow should be used. For example, in a restful bedroom or where you’re looking to take long, relaxing baths, bright yellow may be a little too intense, but for a kitchen or ensuite, it’ll certainly put some pep in your step first thing in the morning.

Use as a feature accent

British Standard yellow island and grey kitchen - inspiration -

Image: British Standard 

Using yellow for accessories is a great way to add some life to your scheme, but why not commit with a bigger accent piece? A yellow sofa, bed frame or even kitchen island is a bigger commitment in your scheme, but certainly delivers on the wow factor.

Create a retro scheme

john lewis orla kiely bedroom - inspiration -

Image: John Lewis & Partners 

Looking for a scheme idea to tie in your favourite colour? Yellow works great with mid-century elements to create a fresh take on the look. Throw in a vibrant electric blue to complete the scheme.

Opt for jewel tones

oak furnitureland yellow velvet chair in a red room - inspiration -

Image: Oak Furnitureland 

Golden mustard tones are another way to approach a yellow scheme, and work great with a wide palette of other jewels, from rich purples to emerald greens. Right now, we’re loving this combination with deep ruby reds.


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