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5 ideas for the perfect movie night at home

February 4, 2020

It’s awards season, which means you’ve got a cinema’s worth of Oscar-worthy movies to get through. Here’s how you can host the perfect film night.

garden movie night with projector on big screen -

Image: Lights4fun 

It’s one thing flicking mindlessly through Netflix for something, anything to watch, it’s another to host a movie night at your home. And, with the Oscars coming up this weekend, what better time to do something with real wow-factor.

From creating a cosy atmosphere and picking the right snacks, all the way down to your home entertainment choices, we’re on hand to help you usher in an award-winning evening.

Set the scene

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To take your film night to the next level, go all out in creating the atmosphere. Get the mood lighting right, put out a special selection of treats to keep you going through your movie marathon, and make sure you’re all comfortable with lots of cushions and throws.

If you’re having a movie night with the kids, why not make it special by building a family fort for them?

Don’t forget the popcorn

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Popcorn is an absolute essential for an authentic movie night – you could build into other snacks, including baking recipes, or just go for a good, old-fashioned sweet and salty mix. Why not make it from scratch with this handy guide?

Create surround sound

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Image: Sonos 

There’s no way you can really get into a movie if you can’t hear it. While home entertainment tech isn’t everyone’s bag, it’s a worthwhile investmnet if you watch a lot of TV or films. This entertainment set from Sonos is plenty sleek enough not to distract from your interiors, but you can also invest in a soundbar for a less intense set up.

It’s also possible to link up certain smart speakers in one room in your home to recreate the surround sound feel, but that you can use individually when it’s not movie night in your household.

Backlit for the cinema experience

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Image: Phillips Hue 

Backlit TVs aren’t just a novelty. Yes, they’re great for creating an atmospheric feel, but they’re also said to help reduce eye strain – key for the most prolific movie watchers! Backlit TVs are much more common now, but you can also add them onto existing models. Special LED lighting strips can be used and attached, or you could look to something like the Phillips Hue Sync HDMI box, which works with compatible bulbs to recreate the colouring of what’s shown on the TV.

Watch your film outside

While it might not quite be the time of year for alfresco viewing yet, if you’re planning a garden makeover for summer, you’ve got to keep in mind Olivia of Lust Living’s outdoor projector cinema. We love how she’s constructed the space to make for the dreamiest spot to cosy up and watch a film that we’ve seen.


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