Written by Becca Green

What is a gonk? Discover the latest Christmas trend

One of the hottest trends this Christmas is a festive gnome-like character that’s utterly adorable – the gonk!

what is a gonk? christmas gonk with red hat from matalan

Photo: Matalan

Christmas gonk dolls popped up on Good Homes’ radar last year, but they’re a huge Christmas trend for 2021, appearing on shelves in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Gonks are essentially festive Scandinavian gnomes – a Nordic-like interpretation of Santa Claus, if you will. With just their nose and beard peaking out of a Santa hat, not only are they cute, gonks are said to protect homes throughout the festive season, so it’s worth having one or two of them around!

Instagram star Stacey Solomon is a huge fan and calls her vast collection of gonks ‘Norman’, a name which perfectly suits their gnome-like appearance.

Lots of high street stores have jumped on the gonk band-wagon including The Range, Aldi and Matalan, which all come with a reasonable price tag. Aldi’s retail for just £10!

gonks from aldi

Photo: Aldi

How to style a Christmas gonk

Gonks make for the perfect festive ornament to fill any awkward gap in your home this Christmas. Here’s how to style them:

  • Place one either side of a fireplace to make it a standout feature in your living room
  • Style up your porch and create a warm welcome this Christmas with a standing gonk
  • Group three together that are different heights to create your own little family!
  • Display one or two under your Christmas tree to hide the base of the tree as well as adding some festive cheer
  • Cosy up your bedroom by styling up a festive corner with a cosy blanket, some festive decorations and of course, a gonk!


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