Written by Hugh Metcalf

Sustainable swap: re-fillable washing up liquid

Want to make one change this weekend to up your home’s eco-friendly factor? Try swapping to these refillable dish soaps in your kitchen.

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Image: Splosh

Saving the planet may seem like a big job for even the most tenacious of eco-warriors, but making small switches in your buying habits is a great way to reduce your home’s impact on the environment. If you fancy making one sustainable swap this week, why not try re-fillable washing up liquid bottles?

The idea is that, by refilling your bottles, you’ll save on using a serious amount of plastic over a long period of time. The brands pioneering this simple, green idea also tend to offer dish soaps with other great eco benefits. Plus, anything that makes us feel a little bit better about having to do the washing up has got to be a win, right?

Ecover refill stations

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Image: Ecover re-fill station in Balham, Kake on Flickr

Ecover prides itself on its eco-credentials, and this extends to offering an extensive network of re-fill stations for its Washing Up Liquid, Laundry Liquid and All Purpose Cleaner across the UK. Ecover estimates that each of its bottles can be re-used 50 times, meaning you save from using a huge amount of plastic in the long run! Find your nearest refill station online.

Wearth bulk washing up liquid

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Image: Wearth 

If a trip out to the shops with your washing up liquid bottle in hand doesn’t appeal, Wearth London offer a bulk buying option, meaning you can refill your reusable glass bottle at home. Wearth’s washing up liquid is non-toxic, natural, vegan and cruelty-free too.

Tincture London glass refills

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Image: Tincture London 

As well as being potentially the most stylish washing up liquid we’ve even seen, Tincture London offers refills for its washing up liquid dispenser in glass bottles. Refill the Tincture bottle, then simply wash-out and pop the glass bottle in the recycling.

Splosh by-post re-fills

splosh refillable by post washing up liquid eco - inspiration - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Splosh

Splosh offers refills for its cleaning product bottles by post, which are dispatched quickly after ordering. The refills arrive in concentrated pouches that are compact enough to fit through the letterbox in a small box, which means no waiting around for deliveries. The pouches are also designed to use 90% less plastic than a traditional dish soap bottle, and you can even return the pouches to Splosh in the box so that they can process them into other materials.


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