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Easter hunt: 6 genius places to hide eggs around the home

With public events not taking place this year, you may have to get inventive around the house for a fun egg hunt this Easter. Why not try these ingenious hiding places?

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Image: Cadburys

Easter Sunday might not look quite the same this year as it usually does, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put on an amazing Easter egg hunt to keep the kids entertained.

The clever clogs at Cadburys (our favourite chocolate to be quite frank) have come up with some super clever hiding places that will make finding Easter eggs a real task for your little hunters, even within your own home and garden!

Try these 6 ideas out and see if your family can find them all..

Inside a milk container

Clean out an empty milk bottle, remove the label and gently cut the bottle in half – place the Easter egg inside the bottom half and then put the second half back on the top. Reattach the label over the seal where the two halves overlap and place the bottle in the fridge to hide.

Hide an Easter egg in a watermelon

Watermelon easter egg hiding hack

Image: Cadburys 

If you so happen to have a watermelon around the house, scoop out the inside to create a wide enough space to hide an egg. Wrap your Easter egg in cling film, pop it inside and cover it back up with the other half of the watermelon. Place it with the rest of your fruit for the perfect cover story!

Use old post cleverly

This idea using a stack of junk mail is beyond brilliant! Grab an egg and hold over the letter to form the outline of an egg shape and cut out the egg shape. Take out circular stack and pop the egg inside the hole and stick one more letter on the top of the egg to hide it well. Hide this on the kitchen table or on the landing, wherever letters tend to be in the house to have this one hiding in plain sight.


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Bake it in a cake

Either prepare a freshly baked cake of your choice, or take an pre made one, and cut an egg shaped hole in the middle of it. Create a cylindrical tube that the egg can sit inside and also hold up the structure of the cake round the outside and above. Then take a final layer and put on top to conceal the egg and cylinder. To really up the ante, use buttercream and sprinkles to keep this Easter egg hidden for a little longer.


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Wardrobe wonders

They may be quick to check in coat pockets, but how about a sleeve. Try out this hiding hack that just requires a rubber band!


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Garden camouflage

The garden may be the first place they look, but with this clever trick using leaves from the garden, clingfilm and glue, it’ll take them some time to spot this Easter egg!


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