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7 top tips for hosting a digital Christmas

November 3, 2020

It’s still unclear whether a gathering with friends and family is an option this Christmas, but you can still celebrate in style with these handy tips.

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The global pandemic has shaped the year of 2020 and with a second lockdown imminent, it is likely Christmas is going to look quite different for everyone this year. We’ve put together some top tips for hosting a fun and successful digital Christmas.

1. Choose your video software

Make sure to choose a video software that you and your family can seamlessly use and you have previous experience with. Whether this is Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams, ensure to decide this way in advance so everyone has plenty of time to download the software.

2. Create a family playlist

To get everyone in the mood for the big day, create a Christmas family playlist that everyone can listen to on the run up to festivities. Of course, use whichever music app that you love and are used to and it definitely must feature some old school family favourites!

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3. Put together a time schedule

Like any big event, putting together a time schedule can help make the day run smoothly. Send the timings out a week before Christmas day to get your friends and family even more excited. Make sure to leave plenty of time for games, chat and of course festive drinks!

4. Choose a theme

Inject as much fun and personality into Christmas this year by choosing a fun theme for the days festivities. Some initial ideas that come to mind are picking a classic film such as The Grinch or Nightmare before Christmas and give every family member a specific character to dress up as. Or, keep it simple and choose a specific colour theme and get your guests to design their own Christmas décor.

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5. Delegate responsibilities

Rather than taking on lots of stress and pressure by organising the perfect digital Christmas, delegate roles to other family members. Perhaps one person has to come up with the Christmas menu, another person organises a Christmas-themed quiz and there can also be an event coordinator!

6. Festive backdrop

Get everyone to design their own festive backdrop to jazz up your digital Christmas! It’s a good idea to hand out different themes or maybe make it into a competition by seeing who comes up with the best backdrop depending on a specific theme. This can give everyone the opportunity to showcase their Christmas decorating skills.

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Image: George Home

7. Come dine with me!

We all know that the most important part of any Christmas day is the food! In that case, it’s worth having fun with your festive menu this year. Make it into a come dine with me scenario, where everyone makes the same dish but it must be marked on effort and presentation (taste unfortunately won’t be an option this year) but nevertheless it will be a super fun element of the day.

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