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When is the perfect time to buy your Christmas tree this year?

2020 might have you wanting to put up your Christmas tree early this year, but when is the perfect time?

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Christmas is just around the corner and like you, we’re definitely looking forward to celebrating! We spoke to the experts at Flowercard who have revealed the day you should buy your real Christmas tree if you want it to last through the festivities.

Get your timings right

If the chosen time to take down your Christmas tree is straight after New Year’s Eve, then you should buy your tree on the 28th November. Because of the second lockdown, it will be harder to source things and go shopping in the UK in November so it’s important to order in advance if you want your tree to arrive in time.
However, if you take your Christmas tree down on the Twelfth Night then you should buy your tree on the 2nd December – which is the date lockdown is proposed to be lifted.

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Following tradition

A lot of families love to follow tradition. If this is the case for you, then you should put your tree up on the fourth Sunday before Christmas which this year falls on the 29th November, which is the first day of advent. Typically, real Christmas trees 4-6 weeks if they are looked after properly, so it’s important to buy your Christmas tree at the right time to avoid a sad looking, needleless tree.

Real tree top tips

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  • Make sure you come home with a tree in top shape! Before purchasing, give it a big shake to see if any needles are dropping off. Also make sure the needles are green and shiny. If you are ordering online due to lockdown, check to see if your local Christmas tree retailer is offering a delivery service
  • Be sure to trim the trunk. The first thing you should do when you receive your Christmas tree is cut about 3cm off the trunk – this way the tree gets access to lots of water through its fresh cut as it opens up the bark. If you didn’t do this the sap could have blocked the trunk meaning it wouldn’t be able to soak up anymore water.
  • Invest in a good quality stand. If you want your tree to live a healthy life, invest in a Christmas tree stand which will help make sure it has enough water.
  • Top up your tree’s water on a daily basis and avoid it going below the end of the trunk as this will seal off the tree and stop it from drinking anymore water.

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