sideboard on black wall - 5 dark interior myths debunked - inspiration -

5 common myths about dark interiors debunked

July 17, 2020

Tempted to go over to the dark side but not quite sure your home can pull it off? We lay to rest the biggest myths about going dark with your décor.

sideboard on black wall - 5 dark interior myths debunked - inspiration -

Image: Brabbu Design Forces

Dark interiors are a big hit on Instagram right now, but do you find yourself questioning whether it looks as good in real life?

If you’re doubting whether your home can pull off dark colours, we’ve debunked five of the most common myths below that might be putting you off.

“It will make the room look smaller”

black living room with fireplace - 5 dark interior myths debunked - inspiration -

Image: Neptune

One of the biggest interior myths that we are led to believe is that using dark colours in a space will make it look and feel smaller. Naturally, a darker wall colour will absorb more of the light that enters a room, where a light colour will bounce more around the room. However, if your room already gets a lot of light, it won’t make too much of a difference, and if it doesn’t, then leaning into the darker atmosphere can often be more effective than trying to fight it with white walls. There are also ways to balance out dark walls such as adding mirrors to reflect the light and choosing furniture, architectural features, flooring and accessories that contrast with your dark interior.

“The features of my home will be lost”

sideboard on black wall - 5 dark interior myths debunked - inspiration -

Image: Brabbu Design Forces

Dark colours often conjure up cave-like images but try reframing this as a positive thing. Cocooning yourself in your home will make it feel comforting and cosy. If your home has period features, a darker wall colour can actually make them stand out more, especially in natural light.

For example, painting wall panelling white can wash out decorative features, especially in the brightest room, whereas if you were to paint it in a more inky hue, the light will naturally hit these dark colours at different angles and highlight these beautiful features.

“I won’t be able to see or work!”

black bookcase in living room - 5 dark interior myths debunked - inspiration -

Image: Chaplins Furniture

When implementing a dark interior look into your home, lighting is key. Often homeowners are swayed from using darker colours in work spaces such as a kitchen or office as the word on the street is that ‘you won’t be able to see or work properly’. However, if you incorporate the right lighting this won’t be an issue at all. If you’re decorating a reading nook or an office, introduce pendant or spot lighting to make sure you have enough light exposure. Under cabinet lighting is a winner in a kitchen to make sure your worktops are illuminated.

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“A dark home will never look high-end”

green sofa in black living room - 5 dark interior myths debunked - inspiration -

Image: Living it Up

The word dark is often followed by the word dingy which would imply that dark spaces in the home lack any style or luxury. This is a complete myth as dark interiors are seen in many grand and luxurious homes as they provide a certain mood that is perfect for larger spaces. Luxe up a dark space with rich colours and textures such as a velvet sofa, brass sidetables and metallic lighting.

“Dark interiors show dust and grime”

black and dark grey bathroom - 5 dark interior myths debunked - inspiration -

Image: Walls and Floors

While it’s true that darker colours can make dust and grime more apparent than lighter colours, it’s all about the finishes that you choose. If you’re looking to use dark paint, a satin finish is much easier to wipe clean than a matt one, making it a better choice for vertical horizontal planes such as shelving or the top of skirting boards. In a bathroom, consider using dark porcelain tiles, which dust and grime won’t stick to and are easy to clean.


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