Curtain trends: 7 window dressing ideas

September 20, 2022

Curtains are back in a big way. From modern geo prints and fabulous florals to elegant neutrals and tactile trims, these on-trend curtain ideas for 2022 show you how to add warmth, texture and style to your scheme…

1. Go maximalist

Maximalism is back for 2022, no doubt in large part down to Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen’s return to our screens in Changing Rooms, and bold interior designers like Siobhan Murphy making a name for herself in this go-big-or-go-home interior design trend. To embrace the look, go for a bold, patterned curtain fabric in a moody hue, and why not match it to your wallpaper?

The Curious Department curtains in Zellandine Moonlight velvet fabric

The Curious Department curtains in Zellandine Moonlight velvet fabric with matching wallpaper

2. Tasseled curtains

Tassels, fringing and pom poms came back in a big way in 2021, and 2022 saw them start to appear as curtain trims. Why not add a decorative trim to your existing window dressing for a quick, cheap DIY curtain update? They can be added to your cushions, too. 

Dunelm tasseled curtains in rich jewel tones

Tassel eyelet curtains in a variety of rich, jewel tones from Dunelm

3. Mix and match

Looking to incorporate more than one pattern into a scheme? The trick is to choose curtains in a similar colour or print to your existing upholstery for a seamless effect. Using different scales will help patterns work well together (for example, large florals mixed with ditsy prints), and stripes and florals are a great mix, too.

Cottage pleat curtains in Flora & Fauna Charcoal fabric from Vanessa Arbuthnot

Cottage pleat curtains in Flora & Fauna Charcoal fabric, foostool in Flora & Forna Clay & Charcoal, from Vanessa Arbuthnot

4. Statement curtains

Let your curtains become the focus of your room with an eye-catching print or stand-out colour that stands out from your wall colour. Rather than blending into the background, a wow-factor fabric can become the star of the show.

ILIV curtains in geometric print

Curtains in Jadeite, from the Geometrica Velvet collection at ILIV

5. The new neutral curtain

If you’d like your curtains to add a cosy element but would rather them blend into your décor than stand out, opt for a neutral design or ones that are the same colour as your walls. If you choose to go patternless, let the detail come from the curtain heading instead – a double pleat top for example, or an ornate curtain pole, adds an elegant touch.

Sylvan Vintage Linen Pewter curtains from blinds2go

Sylvan Vintage Linen Pewter curtains from Blinds2go

6. Pretty curtain lining

It’s not only the front of your curtains that you need to think about. If you can see the back of them from the outside, consider lining with a fabric in a contrasting print or colour to make them attractive from both sides of the window.

Victorian Glasshouse Spruce curtains from ILIV

Victorian Glasshouse Spruce curtains lined with Maze Spruce, from ILIV

7. Go completely OTT

This brilliant bedroom curtains idea comes from Ikea – create a cocooning, four-poster princess bed feel by draping curtains all around your bed. And make it 2022 by keeping everything in one colourway with clashing patterns.

Karrdunort bed linen paired with Tragspinnare curtains from Ikea

Karrdunort bed linen paired with Tragspinnare curtains from Ikea

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