Written by Becca Green

Post-Christmas cleaning hacks for your home

Christmas can be total mayhem and, by the end of the festive period, the house can look a little worse for wear. We’ve put together our top Christmas cleaning hacks to get you ready for the New Year.

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Get your house in shape for the New Year (and the new decade) by following these quick and easy post-Christmas cleaning hacks.

Deep clean your oven

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If you’re hosting Christmas this year, you may want to think about giving your oven a little TLC post-Christmas.

A great tip is to sprinkle baking soda in your oven, put white wine vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz it all around. Give it a thorough wipe down and it should be sparkling clean.

Pick up pines

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A brilliant tip for getting rid of fallen pine needles is to use a lint roller. A lot of the time a hoover won’t pick up all of the needles that have inevitably dropped on the floor, so using a lint roller will make sure you’ve rid your home of every last one.

Store away clutter

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The time between Christmas and New Year is the perfect opportunity to store away any clutter that might have built up over the festive season.

Odd Christmas decorations, games and bits and bobs always find their way out at Christmas time, so be sure to store this away somewhere tidily.

Get rid of lingering smells

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Image: Zoflora

Our top tip for getting rid of lingering smells? Bring out the big guns (and by that we mean the Zoflora.)

Dilute a cap full of your favourite Zoflora scent with water and spray on all of your soft furnishings. This will help get rid of any unwanted smells from Christmas still lingering.

Check your pipes

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Your sink can be put through a lot of strain during the festive period, so ensure you pay a bit of attention to it post-Christmas.

Make sure to put a generous amount of washing liquid down the sink, wait for it to settle and then pour a kettle’s worth of boiling water down in order for it to break up the grease and dirt and clear the pipe.


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