How to style houseplants in your home office

May 11, 2021

With many of us still working from home full time, or part of the time, it’s important to keep our space looking fresh. Inspiration is limited when you’re staring at plain walls and an empty desk, so houseplants are an easy way to invigorate the imagination. Set up your own green oasis with our plant styling guide, and invest in the best office plants with some of our favourites…

Image: Leaf Envy

Assess your space

Before splurging on new plants its best to evaluate the space you’ve got. Decide whether multiple pots will work, or if you’d prefer hanging plants to overlook your space. Take the opportunity to also work out which plant silhouettes will suit different spots and the spaces which visually benefit most from adding plants. For example, the Kentia Palm would work in narrower spaces whereas the Chinese Money Plant works on a desk without taking up too much space.


If your office is smaller, take advantage of storage solutions like shelves to enable you to keep more plants. They will add a level of interest to the shelf and can hang off or to the side depending on how you’d prefer.

Cascading and clustering

Keeping a selection of plants together or hanging them together from your ceiling in hanging pots can look really stunning. It will add character to your office and gives a real indoor jungle vibe to your work space. Plant mamas eat your heart out!

Pot it up

The pots or planters you keep your plants in are also worth considering. Think about the heights, design and sizes as this is a chance to mix them up for a stylish, clustered effect. Mix up clay, fibreglass and terracotta with ceramic pots to ensure you have different colourings and patterns.

Our three favourite home office plants…

Hanging philodendron, £24.99, Beards & Daisies

Image: Beards & Daisies


Rubber plant, £18, Leaf Envy

Image: Leaf Envy

Parlour palm, £14.99, Beards & Daisies

Image: Beards & Daisies

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