money and energy saving bills - 4 energy saving tips for spring and summer - inspiration -

4 energy saving tips for spring and summer months

April 21, 2020

Save energy and money during the spring and summer months with these top tips.

money and energy saving bills - 4 energy saving tips for spring and summer - inspiration -

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Spring is typically the time we pay less attention to our heating, as less face it, we enjoy turning the boiler off when warm weather comes around. However, in the quest to keep cool in summer, there are some key ways that you could be squandering money and wasting energy. Take a look at these 4 ideas to help keeping energy bills to a minimum during the spring and summer.

1. Turn your heating on for short intervals

Boilers can seize up if they’re not used regularly – meaning they’re much more likely to break down at the end of summer due to long periods of inactivity. This is confirmed by the number of Brits searching for ‘boiler repairs’ on Google increasing by 65% from July/August to September/October (9,939 Google searches to 16,425). Research from a leading boiler service provider, Boiler Plan has uncovered that keeping the heating on throughout spring and summer can save you up to £3,600. That’s why Boiler Plan recommend turning your heating on for 10-15 minutes per week throughout the hotter months. Plus if you spot any issues, you can get it serviced before the rush to do so in the colder months.

2. Never place your fridge/ freezer in direct sunlight

You should ensure your fridge and freezers aren’t located in areas with direct sunlight or in a room which gets very hot – as they won’t have to work so hard. Also, empty space in your freezer means it has to work harder so we recommend stocking up on plenty of ice cream over the hotter months.

3. Keep your hot water switched on throughout the sunnier months

Similarly, Boiler Plan suggest keeping your hot water on – even if it’s on a lower setting. Not only will have enough hot water for showers and baths, but it’ll refrain your pumps from seizing up which can cause a broken system come the colder months.

4. Too hot? Use your windows to trap cool air as opposed to a fan

Whilst a cool fan can lower your body temperature, it’ll do nothing for the heat inside a room. Instead, you should use your window by opening it as wide and as safely as possible.


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