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The Bosch MUM 5 Kitchen Machine

Looking for a kitchen assistant that will help you without complaining? Read the Good Homes Approved team’s Bosch MUM 5 Kitchen Machine review…

The Bosch MUM 5 Kitchen Machine is a freestanding machine designed to help with all manner of cooking and baking activities (MUM stands for multi-use machine, just FYI). It’s a freestanding mixer, food blender, meat grinder and even a juicer, all in one package. It’s the perfect all-round investment for not just cake makers and bread bakers, but all-round chefs, too.

The machine comfortably sits on your kitchen worktop and the other accessories (such as an ice-cream maker and pasta maker) can be added to further boost the functions, as required.


Bosch kitchen machine with egg whites, brioche, smoothie and burger

Photo: Bosch

What’s included?

  • Mixer stand
  • Stainless steel, 3.9 litre mixing bowl
  • Splatter guard
  • Flexi stirring whisk

The box is quite hefty, but considering all the handy accessories inside, it’s like a Mary Poppins bag of surprises. It comes with the mixer stand, stainless steel, 3.9 litre mixing bowl and handy splatter guard. A neat accessory bag sits inside it, containing a patisserie set including a flexi stirring whisk with silicon edge, metal beating whisk and kneading hook with gear protector. It also contains the metal discs for the food processor attachment. Other attachments include a blender jug, meat grinder and citrus press, all of which can be cleverly attached to the mixer via several power ports.

Design-wise, the unit itself is light to carry, easy to store and looks good – it would make a contemporary addition to any kitchen. But if you are planning on keeping it out on your worktop, note that it might be a tad bulky for smaller worktops or those with low-hanging cabinetry.

Person pouring flour into kitchen mixer machine on wooden worktop with glass jars in background

Photo: Bosch

Ease of use

As a multi-use product, it’s great for keeping your worktop clutter-free. The MUM 5 even has integrated scales. It’s simple and straightforward to use, with each attachment fitting onto the basic kitchen mixer with ease – just press the silver button, the EasyArmLift lock releases, then you just push on the attachment. The bowl twists and locks into place, and the clear lid slips over the top.

Additionally, a touch screen panel helps you to reset the scales and select your weight metric and time. Once the machine is switched on, the speed is controlled using an intuitive twist-dial and the screen switches from scale function to a count-up timer.

All the stand mixer attachments sit low in the bowl and reach the majority of the ingredients. The whisk attachment is height adjustable.

Bosch MUM 5 kitchen machine review

Photo: Bosch


The main body of the product is easy to wipe clean, and the speed control is easy to use. All the accessories are dishwasher safe with hand grooves for lifting the machine for cleaning underneath. Every single part, as mentioned previously, is easy to remove and clean by hand or in the dishwasher.

Overall rating

Good Homes Approved gives the MUM5 a 5-star rating. The integrated scale, timer and LED display built into a multi-functional mixer are perfect for ease of use and saving space. The additional accessories make this a worthwhile investment purchase – you can add to it your cookery and baking skills progress.

The Bosch MUM5XW40G costs £479.99 from bosch-home.co.uk

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