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The Die Zudecke Goose Feather & Down Range

Contemplating upgrading to a goose feather and down duvet and pillows? The Good Homes Approved team reviews the Die Zudecke range…

When weighing up feather duvets, many choose goose over duck because they have fluffier feathers and larger down clusters, meaning better insulating properties and longevity. Down is the fine layer of insulating fluffy feathers found around the belly of the bird, so for a plump, soft duvet and pillow set, look for one that combines both, offering fluffiness and insulation rolled into one.

The Good Homes Approved teams reviews the Die Zudecke Goose Feather and Down Range, which contains 85% Hungarian Goose Feathers and 15% Hungarian Goose Down for luxury bedding on a budget.


Die Zudecke duvet and pillow set GHA review

Die Zudecke duvet and pillow set GHA review


  • Fill – 85% Hungarian Goose Feather & 15% Hungarian Goose Down
  • Cover – 100% Cotton Cover which is 233 thread count to enhance comfort
  • Duvet Sizes – Available in Single to Emperor sizes.
  • Pillow Sizes – Available in Standard (50cm x 75cm) and Kingsize (50cm x 90cm)
  • Natural product which is biodegradable produced in an eco friendly factory
  • The products are NOMITE certified. This is issued by the EDFA and means that the fabric is so tightly woven that house dust mites cannot penetrate the fabric, making them suitable for sufferers of house dust mite allergies.
  • All products also conform to the Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 standard. This gives you the assurance that there are no harmful chemicals or substances in Surrey Down duvets and pillows. This also means they are suitable for babies and children.
  • The wonderfully soft, fluffy clusters of Hungarian Goose Down trap large pockets of air, offering incredible softness, warmth and minimal weight.
  • The natural filling enables the body to breathe as it allows excess humidity created by the body during sleep to escape resulting in a refreshing night’s sleep.
  • This duvet also benefits from a cassette pocket construction, keeping the filling evenly distributed and eliminating any cold spots for a luxurious drape.
Die Zudecke Goose Feather and Down duvet and pillows review

Photo: Die Zudecke/Surrey Down

Delivery & additional services

All of Surrey Down products on their website are delivered to the UK Mainland for FREE with no minimum spend. The delivery is a next day service if the order is placed before 2pm Monday to Thursday. Plus, the duvet is packaged in a box and is lightweight and easy to carry.


  • No assembly needed – the duvet springs to life once unrolled from the box
  • Pillows ready to use straight from the carry case
eco friendly goose down duvet and pillows

Photo: Die Zudecke/Surrey Down

The 4.5 tog duvet vs 10.5 tog

4.5 tog duvet:

  • The 4.5 tog Hungarian Goose Feather and Down duvet is extremely lightweight and perfect for spring/summer
  • It’s very comfortable to sleep in and retains warmth, despite being so lightweight

10.5 tog duvet:

  • The 10.5 tog Hungarian Goose Feather and Down duvet was light weight but also very warm, great for winter
  • The duvet bounced into shape quite quickly after unwrapping
  • There was no odour to the duvet when unpacked, which can sometimes occur with feather and down products

Soft, medium or firm pillow?

  • The soft pillow was plump and very comfortable, and also had no odour when unpacked
  • The medium firmness pillow is extremely comfortable and the perfect balance between soft and firm
  • The firm pillow is robust and retains its firmness over time

Would you recommend?

Absolutely – 4.5 stars

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The Surrey Down Die Zudecke Goose Feather and Down duvet is £113 for a king size 4.5 tog, and £125 for a king size 10.5 tog. A soft pillow is £38, medium pillow £43 and hard pillow £57. All available online at surreydown.co.uk