Written by Victoria Purcell

Weekend project: the holiday wall

Holiday walls are the new summer trend for Gen-Z and millennials as the vaccination situation has made holidays tricky for younger generations. Good Homes, together with Wickes and DIY enthusiast Hannah Gale, take a look at how to create your own…

This summer, 74% of young Brits (aged 18-35) say that they are not only missing out holidays this year, they are also lacking in good social media content.

As a result, two thirds would like to create a ‘holiday wall’ in their garden as a backdrop for better photos. In fact, the average Brit under 35 plans to pose in front of the wall for 59 posts to Facebook and Instagram, with 18% saying they’ll put more than 100 ‘holiday wall’ pics on social media.

Holiday wall with bright pastel rainbow colours and flowers in Brighton

Hannah Gale’s colourful holiday wall in Brighton. Photo: Hannah Gale 

What is a holiday wall?

A holiday wall is a space (wall, corner or set of steps) in the garden or on a balcony that is transformed to look like a picturesque place on holiday. In the way Brits would pose in front of an exotic holiday view, or perhaps a flower wall, people are now looking to create these walls to pose for good content for Instagram.

With almost half (45%) of millennials (24-35 year olds) looking to social media and influencers for garden inspiration, they are preparing to spend £271 each on creating their holiday wall. A fifth will spend more than £500, with many basing it on scenes from Miami or Ibiza.

With its brightly coloured look and edgy feel, Miami’s ‘insta-worthy’ art district, Wynwood, was voted the most sought-after type of holiday wall by young Brits. An Ibiza beach club set up was next, followed by an Italian Pergola set up.


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How to create a holiday wall

With the majority (70%) saying they’d need help to create the wall, Wickes has partnered with DIY enthusiast Hannah Gale to show Brits how to create a holiday wall.

Hannah has created an exotic, coloured Miami-inspired holiday wall in her garden just outside Brighton. She has shared an easy-to-follow video and how to guide on the Wickes website and on social media, to ensure anyone wishing to create the same wall, or a simplified version, knows what to do. She’s included guidance on what colours photograph best, to help those thinking ahead to the social posts.

Using a selection of Wickes products, costing a total of £170, Hannah has created the wall ahead of the August bank holiday with expectations of sunny weather and social gatherings.


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‘One of my favourite things about going on holiday is being able to capture amazing photos and make memories in places that look different to home,’ said Hannah.

‘As someone who loves having friends and family over to enjoy the garden (and has a few gatherings planned for the August holiday weekend), I was keen to create this holiday wall to inject some colour into the garden and give my friends a fun backdrop to pose against for their Instagram pictures.

‘I took inspiration from all the gorgeous colours and designs in the Miami Art District. With everything available at Wickes, the whole process from buying the supplies and painting the wall was so much fun, and my Insta feed is thanking me for it already.’

Find Hannah’s step-by-step guide to creating a holiday wall, plus the shopping list for the Miami-inspired wall, on the Wickes website plus on her Instagram feed @hannahfgale

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