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Written by Christina Chrysostomou

7 garden projects to do this weekend

We all love spending time in the garden, so it makes sense to spend some time revamping your outdoor space. There are plenty of garden projects that won’t require hiring a professional and can be done on a sunny afternoon but still make a big difference to the look and feel of your garden.

The experts at PriceYourJob have provided some top tips to help you redecorate your garden on a budget! So read on for purse-friendly pointers on how to revive your green space…

serene garden landscape - 7 ways to revamp your garden this bank holiday - garden -

Photo: Dobbies

1. Get rid of weeds

Getting rid of weeds helps your outdoor area look neat, but where do you start? Firstly, you need to identify the weeds in your garden so you can choose the most effective method to begin removing them. Annual weeds need weed killer to get rid of them (ensuring you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines), and perennial weeds need to be dug out by hand weekly.

2. Tidy overgrown shrubs

Cutting back overgrown bushes and shrubs is next on the list. You may need to dig around for some tools to help you with this! Using a saw, secateurs or something similar will cut through the shrub you have. Cut the oldest, thickest stem from the bottom to get rid of the overgrown bushes in order to leave your garden looking presentable.

trimming garden shrubs - 7 ways to revamp your garden this bank holiday - garden -

Photo: Pixabay

3. Clean outdoor furniture

Cleaning garden furniture is a quick and easy task that is sure to revamp any garden. In a bucket, mix soap (washing-up liquid is suitable) with warm water, and use a sponge (or brush) to scrub the excess dirt away. Once your furniture is clean, use a hose to rinse away any excess soap. Now that the surface is clean, it’s perfect for use during the upcoming mini-heatwave weekends!

4. Barbecue ready

Getting your barbecue ready is a must to ensure hygienic cooking and can be easily accomplished with some vinegar and water. Mix 500ml of water and 50ml of vinegar, then apply on to the grill and interior of the barbecue. Following this, simply leave it to soak for 10-15 minutes, then clean it off with a damp cloth or sponge to leave your surfaces looking good and clean.

small bbq - 7 ways to revamp your garden this bank holiday - garden -

Photo: Pixabay

5. Redecorating your space

Adding garden decorations is a simple way to create a unique outdoor space and add personality to your home. Some quick and easy ideas include hanging fairy lights to the fences or trees, buying solar lights to brighten up your flower beds or you can even purchase outdoor rugs to zone off a sitting area. Pictured below: 50cm Meadow Flower Spring Wreath Micro Light Bundle, £44.99; Core Connect 5m 10 Warm White Connectable Festoon Lights Black Cable, £26.99; Set of 3 Glass Jar TruGlow® Candles, £34.99; White Flower Micro LED Garland, £9.99; TruGlow® Waterproof Outdoor Candle Trio, £26.99, all Lights4fun.

Garland fairy lights in courtyard setting garden revamp

Photo: Lights4fun

6. Prepare the patio

Over time, patios can get very dirty and stray far from their original colour. But rather than purchasing expensive and chemical-laden products, you’ll find a quality cleaning product in your household cupboards.  To clean a patio area on a budget, all you need is a mix of vinegar and water. Once you have your mix, simply apply it to the patio with a brush and sweep away any dirt or debris. Finally, wash the leftover mix away with a garden hose to create a newly clean patio.

garden patio grey - 7 ways to revamp your garden this bank holiday - garden -

Photo: Walls and Floors

7. Repaint outside walls and fences

Giving your outside walls and fences a revamp will completely transform the look of your garden. Granted, it isn’t the quickest job in the world but as you have an extra long weekend on your hands, it’s the perfect time to tackle it. If you simply want to reinvigorate your fence, a stain will work well to bring it back to life but if you want to change the colour, make sure to properly sand down your fence first and apply at least two coats for a uniform finish. Go traditional with green or brown shades, or for a more on-trend look this Spring, why not select a white, cream or pastel colour pop?

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